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DTC has completed the flooring of Arabian Rig Manufacturing Factory (Arcon).


DTC has completed the flooring of Arabian Rig Manufacturing Factory (Arcon).

Our DTC family especially treats every single project by focusing on the unique requirements of the client and project. The project of Arabian Rig Manufacturing Factory is one such project that was quite challenging for our team because of its specifications and unique requirements. We signed the project with the owner of Armco Mr. Omar Khalil who is one of two partners in Arabian Rig Manufacturing Factory. We officially signed the contract on November 4, 2019, with the commitment to complete the project by end of the year 2021.

The project will contribute towards the economic development of the region and is an integral part of vision 2030. It is an honor for DTC to be a part of such a prestigious project. We have always strived to give back to our community. Through such valuable projects, DTC plays its’ bit of effort towards the development and prosperity of KSA and its people.

The project was located in Ras El Kheer and spread across an area of 130,000 square meters. The factory was related to rig manufacturing which is the heavy and complex material that is used to extract materials from under the Earth by boring a hole in the surface of the Earth. The equipment is quite heavy and complex due to which they require adequate flooring that could withstand the weight and sharpness of the equipment and their machinery. The client also guided us to ensure that the flooring looks professional and appealing as it is an integral part of the factory.

Following the requirements of our client, we devised a flooring team capable of handling this project as per special requirements.  The team had only one goal and that was to ensure client satisfaction which was possible through the completion of the project in a timely fashion while installing the top-notch floor in their facility.

Our team decided to offer slab-on-ground flooring for this factory. Slab-on-ground is the kind of flooring in which the concrete slab is directly set on the ground. It implies that the concrete slab will be directly placed on the virgin soil which makes it practically a part of the flooring. We choose slab-on-ground flooring because of the following reasons:

  • This flooring can withstand heavy loads. A 4-inch concrete slab can hold a weight of 3000 PSI
  • It takes less time to dry so it offers convenient flooring
  • It is less likely to get damaged from gas leakage or flooding
  • It cant get affected by pests
  • It is cost-effective to lay down
  • It looks aesthetically appealing and you can add other floorings on top of it to make it even more presentable.

Our team worked with great passion and determination on the site. We completed the project and handed it over the Arcon on 1 October 2021. Our team is delighted that we completed the project on committed time as it surely impacts our reputation and client satisfaction. Our team feels honored that this project will help in local job creation and economic development.