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DTC and Liter have signed a Construction Contract


DTC and Liter have signed a Construction Contract

DTC and Liter Group Petroleum Services have signed a contract for the construction of workshops project in Al Qudisiyah District, Al Riyad at August 30, 2022.

Liter is a Saudi company engaged in the construction, development, investment, and operation of all types of fuel stations with more than 19 years of experience through 60 gas stations in different categories (A – B – C – D) inside and outside cities.

DTC will provide the following services to implement this project:

The DTC team will level the site’s surface.

After excavating the site properly and removing all obstructions, they will backfill the site with pure, salt-free, clean soil to level the base.

Building Structure – The building structure will be built in accordance with REEF’s approved design.

DTC workers will erect prefabricated steel structures.

DTC will assess the electrical needs and requirements of the site and draft shop drawings according to their calculations.

The DTC team will also determine the plumbing needs of the site and install all plumbing-related structures.

As per international standards, the DTC team will design and install the HVAC equipment and structures in the building based on their analysis of the HVAC needs.

In addition to installing CCTV cameras, fire sprinklers, and automated fire alarms, the DTC team installs the latest firefighting and safety equipment.