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DTC and Gumpro bound by a contract


DTC and Gumpro bound by a contract

DTC has proven its capabilities in the past decade in the KSA region. Many companies who are looking forward to starting their business setups in KSA are seeking the construction services of DTC because of their positive market repute and great reviews by prior clients. Even the companies already serving the KSA market are also looking for DTC’s services for expansion and installing new units. One such company named Gumpro has reached out to DTC for its’ construction and implementation services.

Gumpro and DTC signed a contract on 5, February 2020. The contract specifies that DTC will provide implementation services for the establishment of the Gumpro Drilling Fluid Factory in Dammam Saudi Arabia. As per the terms of the contract Reef engineering consulting office has designed the site draft and got it approved by city authorities so no obstacle is in design approval. Also, to procure prefabricated structures (mainly steel structures) Gumpro has already asked AIC for its services.

DTC has to provide design implementation and construction services. Although the site design has been drafted of course the layouts and drawings for sites’ internal systems will be drafted by the expert team of DTC. DTC is now bound to establish the Gumpro Drilling Fluid Factory on an area of around 14000 square meters for a budget of 11,361,000 Saudi Riyal.

DTC has to offer diverse services as per the requirements and scope of the project. The services range from leveling to excavation and the usual MEP services along with security systems installation. Gumpro surely hired DTC because of its’ proven abilities in these areas, experienced team, and enough resources to complete the project on time.

DTC will provide the following services to complete this project:

  • Leveling- DTC team will level the surface of the site
  • Excavation and Backfilling- They will excavate the site properly, and eliminate all impediments including impure soil. Then they will backfill the bottom of the site with pure and salt-free clean soil to level the base of the site
  • Concrete Structure- The construction workers will do the concrete work and build the structure of the building as per the approved design by REEF.
  • Steel erection- DTC workers will use prefabricated steel structures procured by AIC were ever required to support the buildings’ structure.
  • Electrical service- DTC team will assess the electrical needs and requirements of the site. They will draft shop drawings as per their calculation and install all required electrical equipment.
  • Plumbing service- DTC team will also ascertain the plumbing needs of the site and install all plumbing-related structures.
  • HVAC services- DTC team has to analyze the HVAC needs of the site on their own by keeping the international standards in mind. As per those standards, they will design and install the HVAC equipment and structures in the building.
  • Safety Services- The DTC team is also responsible for installing the latest and modern safety and firefighting equipment in the building ranging from CCTV cameras to a water sprinkle system and automated fire alarms.