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DTC and Arcon signed the contractual agreement


DTC and Arcon signed the contractual agreement

DTC delightfully declares that it has officially signed a contract with Omar Khalil Arnaout Contracting Co. The contract is signed on 4 November 2019 in a very professional meeting. Both parties agreed to comply with the terms of the agreement as mentioned in the contract. As per the contract, DTC will offer flooring service to Arabian Rig Manufacturing Factory (Arcon) located in Ras El Kheer. The site area on which we have to offer the service spreads on 130,000 square meters and the value of the contract is 13,424,960 Saudi Riyal. We promised to complete the flooring by end of the year 2021.

For DTC this project is quite special. It is because we have got a chance to work with Arabian Rig Manufacturing (ARM) which serves as an anchor project in the quest to position KSA as the hub of the MENA region. ARCON is working to aid the vision of the development of KSA. Working on this project will enable DTC to be an accomplice in the economic development of KSA. Arabian Rig Manufacturing Factory is a partnership between NOV and ARMCO but we are approached by the owner of ARMCO for this project. The project is quite challenging due to the nature of the work of their business. The facility we are going to serve deals in Rig Manufacturing. The rig is strong yet complex equipment that can penetrate the surface of Earth and is used to fetch oil and other valuables from water or under-Earth objects. The equipment is quite complex and its’ production is quite tied taking and difficult. Arabian Rig Manufacturing Factory is the most modern facility which has the latest and advanced production machinery and it can produce around 10 rigs in a year which it will use to serve the Middle East and North Africa. This facility is a one-of-its-kind facility in Saudi Arabia and will deal in rig and drilling equipment.

Owing to this complex nature of business they need flooring that can sustain such heavy weight and high-pressure equipment without cracking or breakage. This is why DTC has the responsibility to offer the best flooring so as to meet our client’s requirements. We are going to install a slab on the ground flooring in their compound because it is the only flooring that can withstand the heaviest weight and pressure.

Our team is already planning the entire project. We need to do the flooring in around 2 years so we have a considerable time but without proper planning, we won’t be able to complete the project on time. Our team is brainstorming ideas to ensure that we will complete the project on time. We hope to meet our client’s expectations in this project.