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DTC and AMC have signed an agreement


DTC and AMC have signed an agreement

DTC and AMC have signed an agreement

DTC has been hard since its inception in 2004. We have proved our capabilities and worth to reach this point when renowned companies trust us with their projects. We are humbly announcing with great honor that our team has officially signed a contract with the owner of Arabian Minerals & Chemicals LTD for the establishment of their factory. We signed the contract on January 1, 2018. As per the terms of the agreement, we will build the factory in the 3rd industrial area of Dammam. Our team is quite excited to work on this project as Dammam is a familiar city and we have already done a lot of projects there so we are acquainted with the place.

The factory area is around 136000 square meters and our contractual value is 39,774,778 Saudi Riyal. This is a mega project and we will have to be quite careful while working as we can’t afford to make any mistake that can affect our reputation. We are confident that by optimally utilizing our resources, human capabilities, and experience we will deliver the project in promised time by ensuring unmatched service quality.

The project is quite important to us and we have also agreed to respect other commitments of AMC that will affect this project. AMC has hired the AlFarid Engineering consultancy office to design the building. Not only did they design the building but they got approval from Dammam Industrial state for the design as well. In addition, AlFarid will be supervising all construction and execution services. Our team has always warmly welcomed other agencies and we always take such arrangements as learning opportunities. We believe that we can learn something from every organization so we will be looking forward to working with AlFarid consultancy.

Also, AMC has a contract with Kirby Building Systems for the supply of prefabricated structural steel. So we will be procuring all steel structures from them for installation in the factory.

DTC will surely abide by these working arrangements. We are glad though that they have given us complete autonomy to do calculations and estimations for other services. We are currently devising our team that will work on this project. The services that are required to offer for this project include:

  • Leveling and Excavation & Backfilling.
  • Steel Erection.
  • Concrete Structure.
  • electric works .
  • infrastrucure works .
  • low current ans security systems.
  • Site & Finishing Work.
  • Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm.

DTC has the policy f devising a specified team that looks after the project from beginning to end. This way we believe that it is easy for our engineers and designers to focus their energy. This also helps them in decision-making as they are ones who know the specifics of project. Also, such an arrangement helps us to know which milestone was whose responsibility so it makes it easy to track the progress of the project and the performance of our team members. We will start working on this as soon as possible. We hope to deliver the project with top-notch quality because the satisfaction of AMC is our utmost priority in this case.