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Curvatures Mall contract signed


Curvatures Mall contract signed

A new contract was signed between DTC and Khalifa A. Almulhim  for the construction of Curvatures Mall on April 28, 2021.

Khalifa A. Almulhim Holding Group is founded in 1984 by Khalifa A. Almulhim in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

DTC will provide the following services to implement this project:

  • The site will be leveled by removing the surface layer.
  • DTC will offer engineering excavation services to make the surface level for construction.
  • A concrete structure will be built and prefabricated steel and iron structures will be installed where necessary to reinforce the building’s foundation (procured from IBSF).
  • Our interior finishing services will ensure that the interior is in perfect working condition.
  • To maintain the temperature in extreme weather conditions, DTC will install air conditioning and heating systems throughout the buildings.
  • DTC will install ventilation systems that include huge fans.
  • DTC will provide adequate safety and firefighting equipment to ensure the building’s safety.