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Contract signed for construction and relevant services of Atyaf Avenue Mall


Contract signed for construction and relevant services of Atyaf Avenue Mall

DTC has signed an official contract with Mr. Abdul Mohsen Saad Al-Ruwaished concerning the construction and other multiple services for Atyaf Avenue Mall. We mutually locked the contract on 15 October 2018. It is a moment of great responsibility as well as happiness for DTC that we have gained the attention of such an esteemed client and are bestowed with the heavy responsibility. The project spreads over a lot area of 10000 square meters and the total value of this contract is around 14,000,000 Saudi Riyal. We are required to build the project in Corniche Road, Khobar. We have the required resources to move our machinery and equipment there so it won’t be any trouble for us.

The project is quite suitable for the economic development of Khobar. DTC is pleased to be part of such an amazing project that will contribute towards the prosperity of the local economy and GDP of KSA. The project will specifically help in the elevation of local production and economic growth in Khobar.

As for the project Mr. Abdul Mohsen Saad Al-Ruwaished also has some other commitments. He is in contract with Vado for engineering consultancy services. Vado has drafted the design of the Mall and has got it approved by both Mr. Abdul Mohsen and the city authorities of Khobar. Also, Vado will be supervising all our services so we have to collaborate with them about our budgets, site operations, and site planning. We will also have to keep them posted about the implementation stage. In addition, Mr. Abdul Mohsen has signed a contract whereby we are bound to use prefabricated structural steel only from Dolphin International Steel Factory.

Keeping these arrangements in mind, we are going to devise a team that can work efficiently in Khobar. Our team will comprise all the experienced and talented engineers and workers as per the scope of this project. For this mall, we are essentially required to perform the following services:

  • Leveling and Excavation & Backfilling.
  • Steel Erection.
  • Concrete Structure.
  • Site & Finishing Work.
  • Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm.

We are planning to include team members from all these departments because to ensure superior quality expert personnel must handle the project. Our talented and most experienced engineers will look after this project as the project is of great scope. To ensure the quality of our services we will do an internal audit. Our quality control team will surely visit the site from time to time to precisely check the quality of all services, equipment, and project. They will also monitor the performance as per the milestones we will prepare in project planning to know where we stand. Such milestones motivate our team members to perform vigilantly to reach the desired goals in promised time.  We will start working on the project soon and are quite confident that we have the required expertise to complete the project as per the promised scope. aaa