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Completed and Delivered the Al Nakeel- Altaif Schools project to Rawabi Holdings


Completed and Delivered the Al Nakeel- Altaif Schools project to Rawabi Holdings

We had formally signed the contract with Rawabi Holdings to work as an executive contractor for their three schools and admin building namely Al Nakeel- Altaif. We signed the contract on 7 December 2016 with a promised estimate that we will deliver the contract by the start of the year 2018. It is a great honor for DTC and a fruit of the hard work of our entire team that we delivered the project on 2nd January 2018. We have worked passionately on this project as it was our way to contribute towards the educational sector of KSA. Our team has displayed their 100% output to meet all requirements of our client as for DTC client satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

We built the project in Al Jubail City which has a total contractual value of around 15,302,693 SR. For our team, the most attractive feature of this contract was the reputation of our client and the worthiness of the project rather than money. Rawabi Holdings is an esteemed name in KSA and we have offered our best services to live up to our promise of unequaled and superior quality.

To work on this project we also respected the agreements and commitments of Rawabi Holdings related to this project. They had hired Royal Commission for building design, approval from the City Council, and supervision of all executional services. Our agreement with Rawabi Holdings meant that we are agreeing to work under the supervision of Royal Commissions to which we happily agreed.

We started the project by devising a team including all relevant personnel from various departments. Our team included expert and experienced civil engineers, electrical engineers, electricians, workers, technicians, designers, and supporting staff. The services we offered to this project as per the scope of our agreement were civil and electrical. Our team initially drafted a detailed outlay of all the activities they were to carry on t complete the project. We made an extensive plan and schedule as per that plan. We got our plan approved by Royal Commission. Their team members were nice to us and we learned a lot by working under their supervision. We took the team Royal Commission in the loop for all activities and we saw the fruit of brainstorming as we got some really good and efficient ideas from their members that helped us to effectively work on this project.

As per the detailed drawings, engineering designs, layouts, and shop designs our team members continued to work on the building of 3 schools and 1 admin block for Al Nakeel- Al Taif School. Although Royal Comission was also supervising all our services we wanted to be sure and as per DTC service quality policy, we had an internal quality check by our quality control team. They looked for any inconsistencies in the service and any functional issues in the installed equipment. We handed over the project once we received a positive report on service quality.