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Why Should You Choose DTC as Your Infrastructure Partner?

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Why Should You Choose DTC as Your Infrastructure Partner?

Why Should You Choose DTC as Your Infrastructure Partner?

Infrastructure is the backbone of any construction organization. Here at DTC, the infrastructure department caters to diversified infrastructure solutions fit to meet any project scale or typology.

DTC is one of the gulf leaders in construction and the same can be extended to the specialized infra unit.

The full-fledged infrastructure department offers discrete services such as earthwork, concrete structure, and paving construction, which requires industry expertise and high technical capabilities.

Apart from the technical aspect, construction and project management services are also provided along with general contracting services.

DTC ensures a single point contact for all infrastructure solutions delivered on time without compromising on the high quality of workmanship. Here are the services and utilities offered by DTC in infrastructure in detail:

Services in Potable Water & Irrigation

Services included in the potable water and irrigation department include the provision of potable water storage tanks primarily made of GLS, steel, and concrete as base material.

Construction of water pump stations consisting of all infrastructural aspects such as civil works, piping, pump erection, and electromechanical work is carried out seamlessly. This work is carried out from the start till the commissioning stage as a turnkey service by DTC.

Pipelining and related works for all types of pipelines such as UPVC, GRB, HDPE, D. I., etc. are carried out with all fittings, thrust block, and pressure tests included in the construct. Apart from these general services, cleaning and chlorination tasks are also performed.

Mechanical systems such as isolation valves, washout valves, air release valves, and flow meters with chambers are fitted wherever required with the appropriate accessories.

Utilities Related to Sewage

All civil works and electromechanical works for sewerage plants are carried out. All types of treatment processes for sewage plants are handled from start to commissioning stage coherently.

Sewage lift stations are also constructed with all types of civil and electromechanical works covered in the contract.

Sewage network contracts are also taken up including any piping material such as UPVC or GRP etc. as per the requirement. Manhole construction and leak tests are also carried out.

All types of work related to force mainlines are carried out with all fittings, thrust blocks, and valve chambers included in the contract. Pressure tests are also performed.

Electrical & Telecom Services

Installation of low to medium-voltage cable lines is carried out smoothly with the latest infrastructural tools. Installation of lighting poles and works related are carried out as well. Telecom ductwork along with handholes are also executed here at DTC.

Stormwater Services & Utilities

Civil and electromechanical works along with piping and pumps are executed seamlessly for stormwater pump stations from the start till commissioning. Earth, concrete, and piping works for stormwater ponds are implemented. Drainage system works such as open channel and box conduit systems are also executed.

Pipe culvert works are carried out with concrete and piping works. Storm water piping networks are installed as per any piping material requirement along with manholes and leak tests. Piping and concrete works for catch basin drainage systems are also implemented.

Why Choose Us?

DTC strives to be an industry leader with top-notch delivery and turnkey infrastructure solutions. The specialist infrastructure unit is known for its track record in reliable and seamless execution within the stipulated deadline. Single point contact for all solutions infrastructure is guaranteed through the infrastructure department of DTC.