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Why choose DTC concrete flooring?

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Why choose DTC concrete flooring?

DTC is a wonderful alternative if you’re seeking the best flooring solutions in KSA. We provide various
flooring options to satisfy our clients’ different flooring requirements. We strive to provide exceptional
service in terms of appeal and quality since we appreciate excellence. We provide a variety of flooring
alternatives to meet your changing requirements for residential and commercial constructions. Our
company’s guiding principle is to approach every client relationship as a quest to provide customers with
the goods and services that best meet their demands. We know that various office buildings, retail
establishments, and other commercial and residential areas have multiple requirements. Our clients
respect us because we specialize in caring for their unique demands.
Residential flooring is not very challenging. For visually pleasing tiles, a range of choices is provided to
meet customer requirements, from glossy to matte. Industrial flooring, however, is the industry’s
biggest issue. Industrial flooring must have a concrete level so that industrial equipment and supplies
may be placed there without trouble. The thickness of a concrete floor or slab is determined by the kind
of subsoil on which the foundation is built and the weight the customer wants the floor to hold
following business requirements. While some businesses deal with delicate items, others operate with
large equipment and machinery.

We provide on-ground, mezzanine, over screed, and other concrete slabs depending on the company’s
needs. We also offer the highest caliber following the TR.34 European standard code. Regarding free
movement floor classification, DTC provides the highest level in accordance with international safety
regulations (FM1, FM2, FM3). We also offer direct movement via very narrow aisles (VNA) effectively.
Our staff, specialists with considerable education, training, and experience, meticulously monitors all
technical elements to provide top-notch flooring solutions.

Our service is time and money efficient since we design concrete slabs internally and don’t rely on
suppliers or outside parties. Beton Concrete Finishing & Compaction Company, a top provider of flooring
equipment in Europe, and DTC have a joint venture. We can obtain the newest and most advanced
flooring equipment because of this organization. Thanks to a joint venture between DTC and BECOSAN,
the most modern machinery grind slabs for projects requiring less than 3MM per 1 M2 tolerance level or
DM1 following European code. The floor we install not only improves the aesthetics and appeal of your
property, but it also has the durability to withstand heavy loads without cracking or splitting.
Since 2004, we have proudly provided our services to the Saudi Arabian industry. Thanks to our highly
qualified and talented team of engineers and employees, state-of-the-art equipment, adoption of the
most recent practices and technologies, the applicability of innovation, the timeliness of project
completion, and zero compromises on quality, we have established an unrivaled reputation and
goodwill in the market.
What do we stand for? Our services!
Our team comprises the most outstanding engineers, architects, project managers, and professionals to
give our clients smooth, high-quality services. We are aware that modern best practices and new
technical developments are pushing the construction industry to alter more and more every day. This is
why our staff at DTC undergoes ongoing training to adapt to new processes, cutting-edge technology,
and cutting-edge practices to provide you with the most incredible combination of services. Being a
reputable building firm, DTC guarantees to turn all your construction fantasies into reality by utilizing
cutting-edge technology and materials of incredibly high quality.