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What is an EPC contract?


What is an EPC contract?

What is an EPC contract?

An employer (the “Employer”) will supply the EPC Contractor with a detailed scope of work, including technical and functional requirements for any machinery or facilities that must be built. The EPC Contractor will then develop the Project from its origin to completion. The EPC Contractor will subsequently deliver the Project to the Employer for operation at the “turn of a key,” thus the term “turnkey.” The quantity and complexity of technical standards will depend on whether the Project contains a structure that houses both electrical and mechanical equipment.

A construction agreement requires the builder (the EPC contractor) to deliver a finished project on a turnkey basis. This type of construction agreement is utilized for big or otherwise tricky projects. An engineering, procurement, and construction contract is an EPC contract.

Premier energy companies worldwide, including those who engage with building contractors and oil and gas organizations, rely on DTC service for our EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) expertise. As a leading EPC contractor, this is because we are aware of the difficulties in planning, acquiring, and constructing large-scale infrastructure. More importantly, DTC is mindful of the requirements for completing EPC projects quickly, inexpensively, and securely. Whether for building or vital infrastructures like flooring or steel structures, we can help you uncover opportunities and develop solutions with the help of our tried-and-true EPC services. To illustrate our areas of expertise, we shall detail each element of an EPC agreement in this post and offer examples.


Regarding the engineering component of EPC contracts, your advantage in taking more products to market is DTC’s technical expertise. This is because we give complete, interdisciplinary solutions top priority. Our full range of engineering services will add a higher level of expertise to your upcoming Project, whether it is through feasibility studies, front-end loading (FEL), front-end engineering design (FEED) studies, 3D facility modeling, project cost estimates, plot plan development, structural design/analysis, electrical design, instruments/control systems, or commissioning and training. Regarding EPC contract work, no one is more competent than our team to deliver on every front, as you will see when you deal with us.


Now that we have a fundamental grasp of engineering let’s focus on procurement. In the contemporary economy, finding a partner that can produce things to specification, on time, and under budget is essential. When you collaborate with DTC, you are collaborating with a seasoned leader who will effectively guide you through the procurement process. We continually check to see that supplies are sourced in line with requirements. Ensuring on-time delivery of deliveries.

Additionally, it involves deciding whether to go on to the next phase. In order to seize opportunities when market conditions are favorable, DTC is a provider that is aware of what it takes to obtain items quickly. Your products will therefore reach the market quicker.


The construction gives projects life. At DTC, we provide a range of industrial building solutions and approach every Project with the same commitment to timeline sensitivity, quality, and safety, regardless of scale. We take pride in our capacity to provide our clients with internal resources and expertise that enable them to achieve their engineering, procurement, and construction objectives.

DTC provides clients with a centralized point of contact for all terminal construction needs to provide cost-effective turnkey construction services. That, in our opinion, is what it means to be a top EPC business in the construction industry. Our EPC knowledge allows you to maximize your spending on any project, including flooring, HVAC, firefighting systems, and construction, with the help of a skilled partner.