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What are Electrical works in Building Construction? – Types of Construction Wiring?


What are Electrical works in Building Construction? – Types of Construction Wiring?

Electrical work is one of the essential parts of any construction project. The electrical work must be of the best quality to run heavy tools; otherwise, it causes many problems after the project is completed. Not every construction company provides quality electrical services as it needs to meet the standards and legal requirements. You should fulfil proper health and safety standards as this is hazardous work.

This article will provide you with all the details about Electrical works in Building Construction and the Types of Construction Wiring?

What are Electrical works in Building Construction?

The electrical work in construction involves heavy machinery like high-duty machinery and network for electrical installations. To run this machinery smoothly enormous power supply is necessary.

Below are the typical electrical works involved in any building construction project:

  • Temporary Power Supply

The initial power supply is compulsory for construction work and has many geographical challenges. We usually don’t get the power supply easily; DTC has the expertise and trained electricians to provide your construction site with a temporary power supply.

  • Fixed Wiring

Fixed wiring work means all the main spots must have the power supply to do construction tasks easily with machinery. It mainly includes sockets, boards and power cables.

  • Switchboards

Electrical switchboards make the electricity stream direct for the construction site. It provides power to the entire site with the properly defined distribution of sections.

  • Circuit Breakers

To provide workers with basic safety measures, circuit breakers are also installed. As we know, electrical shock is hazardous and a death threat, so we can’t ignore this. This circuit breaker system provides safety to workers working with the electrical machinery.

  • Overhead Solutions

The best and most cost-effective solution for the temporary power to the construction site is installing the overhead distribution. The professionals in the construction industry also recommend overhead distribution solutions.

  • Generators

Generators are compulsory for the everyday work of construction. Construction also demands power supply to places where we can’t give regular power. Generators are highly portable and provide power in remote places.

  • Underground Work

The power source should be designed underground to meet the basic requirements. It is the responsibility of the electrical service providers to provide all the power sources with underground connectivity.

  • High Voltage Solutions

There are places where the distance from the main supply is significant. The electricians should be trained to provide high voltage power throughout the building following the distance and power requirements.

What are the Types of Construction Wiring?

Construction wiring should meet high standards of quality. That wiring should not be mixed with the permanent wiring and should be visible using tape with unique color. Following are the main types of construction wiring:

  • Overhead Wiring

The overhead wiring must be done so that it does not cross any busy roads or paths. If it is compulsory to pass the wiring through the road, then it should be high enough, so all the small and large vehicles pass easily.

  • Permanent Wiring

Permanent Wiring is essential for the demolishing work, and you should take the necessary steps for safety. Moreover, it should not damage the permanent wiring during the construction of the site. It should be isolated, and you should take proper precautions against the threats.

  • Temporary Wiring

Temporary wiring is installed from the main supply to the areas where it is necessary. Proper care should be done when extending the cable to the areas where it is needed. As there are already risks in construction, this temporary wiring should be risk-free and not the addition to the other risks.

Final Remarks

From the above-detailed guide, you learned about the complexity and variety of the electrical work needed in the construction of the new building and the main types of wiring.

Before hiring for electrical services, ensure they have proper expertise and experience in this field. DTC has a professional team of skilled electricians to do any electrical work on the construction site.You can contact us anytime for Electrical work and all other construction services for the best quality work on your new project.