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Warehouse construction as per your business needs


Warehouse construction as per your business needs

The competition in the construction sector is getting fierce day by day. Due to its lucrative appeal, many new companies have entered the market to serve the construction and contracting needs of customers. Many investors are investing in construction companies to get benefits. All these factors have saturated the construction sector and have made the market quite competitive. In this environment of fierce competition still, some companies excel as compared to others. Some companies still struggle to land good clients no matter how much they invest in machinery and equipment.

Have you ever wondered what those factors make some companies better than others? In the construction sector, the winning strategy that makes some companies superior to others is their focus on specific customer needs. Almost all major companies have access to the latest technologies, finances, and the latest machinery. But having a lot of assets and machinery cant help you succeed in the market and win customers’ hearts. You need to offer a value-added service to customers as per their unique needs.

When it comes to warehouse construction only a few companies respect customers’ requirements and business demands. Many companies offer only construction designs and services following a particular idea or design scheme. They never offer anything out of the box because they can only work while being in their comfort zones. Such companies fail to offer unique designs and services as per the distinctive needs of customers. They follow the ideology that the warehouse is not an integral part of the business. They don’t treat the warehouse as a storage facility but rather view it as a store room that doesn’t need much thinking in design and construction. Such thinking led them to think that a monotonous kind of warehouse design will apply to all of the businesses, which is a wrongful assumption.

In reality, customers have varying business needs and they need a warehouse that matches the distinctive features of the business. A warehouse should be designed so as to reflect the perfect storage area as per the business needs of the customer.

Some of the prominent examples of varying business needs and warehouse design are shared below:

  • Installing solar panels as an energy supply for a cold storage facility instead of electricity. Because cold storage facilities are to be run on high air conditioning that can be quite costly for business owners if run on electricity. So as per the unique business needs of cold storage units, warehouse design should be altered.
  • A ramp should be built at the entrance of the warehouse to ensure easy movement of inventory and storage products. This is done if the products are quite often moved in trolleys which can be easily pushed on the ramps.
  • If the storage product is heavy then the thickness of the concrete slab should be more than usual. This is necessary to ensure that the concrete floor can withstand the heavy weight of stored products.
  • Proper pest control measures should be taken if the store products are more prone to be affected by pests.
  • If the storage products are heavy and cant be piled up (like iron coils) then the warehouse should be built in a comparatively larger area to offer more storage space. The construction company should suggest this to the business owner so that they can build a facility that reflects the storage need of the business.
  • If the storage products are light in weight then the warehouse should be built in multiple storeys to offer maximum storage space. A proper racking system should be installed. In case the business owner doesn’t want to install a new story then a warehouse can be designed in a way that the roof is heightened to offer higher rack space. But the racks should be placed such that they are easily accessible by the workers. Staircases can be installed if needed.

Few companies take care of business specifications while building a warehouse and DTC (Dorar Tammam Co.) is one of them. DTC always keep customers on board and asks them about their specific and unique business needs. Their entire team works together to come up with an innovative and compelling solution for their customer. They value the customer needs to ensure customer satisfaction. This is why they have penetrated the KSA market and earned great repute.