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Taiba logistic Warehouses

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Taiba logistic Warehouses

Future is more than a dreams, it’s our greatest commitment to the present.  it’s the creation of what we once dreamed of, and that we build with transcendent actions.Today our reality is expansion and our future is evolution.Taiba Logistic Warehouses is the result of accepting the challenges, with puts us to the test to give  our best.In this Operations center we leave our spirit, talent and inspiration to give way to a new stage of growth and learning, demonstrating that when there’s a clear vision and passion, there can only be one result, greatness.

Taiba logistic Warehouses are located on one of the most important axes that are used in the commercial and industrial strategy in the city of Riyadh, which is the axis of Al-Kharj Road and next to the industrial city in the south of Riyadh.The project area of 53,000 square meters, designed by Al Jazeera Engineering Consulting Office. which has been divided into 7 compounds separated by side corridors, in addition to front and backside parking.The project started in July 2020  and  under the supervision of  ALEMAD ALARABI ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY. with excavation and leveling works according to the nature of the rocky land on the all project area.The work contour with the reinforced concrete foundation of the steel structure, as well as the floor beams, up to the bottom level of the floor slabs The steel structure was supplied by one of the most important Pre Engineered Buildings ( PEB) companies in the Kingdom, which is Al-Zamil Company, as well as covering with sandwich panels, which are heat insulating panels .

A new technology has been added in the external and internal walls, where slabs of  light reinforced concrete known as siporex panels was supplied from light weight construction company
which is distinguished from other walls in terms of :

  • high efficiency in thermal insulation
  • durability & sustainability
  • energy efficient
  • environmentally friendly
  • earthquake resistant

And we succeeded in the coordination work to install the wall panels with the steel structure through steel lateral support beams throughout the perimeter of the warehouses and on three levels, which makes the steel structure and the walls work as one unit. Another technology has been added to the project through the use of reinforced concrete with steel fibers was supplied from Forcetech we use fibmix type  in the floor slab which allows us to make flooring with large surfaces, using Somero® laser screeds machine for leveling the surface of the floor slab.These advantages allow users to use high racks as well as loading and storage equipment that needs perfectly level slab surfaces.

The warehouses were divided into separate storage areas of up to 3000 SQM and heights of up to 18 linear meters. All equipped with administrative offices ready to use. In addition, the warehouses contain front and rear entry roll up doors with heights, as well as sectional doors for loading platforms and dock leveler. all doors was supplied from Al Kuhaimi Metal Industries Ltd .The warehouses were also designed and equipped with a firefighting, fire alarm, in compliance with the requirements of the Civil Defense, through Aknan Al-Binaa Consulting as one of the leading engineering offices in the field of design and safety engineering All fire safety Systems Equipped to rack system according to safety standards.

All this technology, state of the art equipment and spaces with special designs represent the best of us, our desire to improve ourselves and be better at every step. That’s why we will continue to live in the present as the most valuable place to create a successful future. We’ll take on new challenges betting on creativity to offer solutions capable of revolutionizing common methods and overcoming known limits. We are the extension of a leading project destined to be the beginning of a new way of managing, organizing and planning within this industry that still has a lot to learn, becoming a benchmark of quality and commitment. We will continue to build the future second by second, with higher expectations and ever-improving results, trusting in the way because we know the key to success; the love for what we do.

Taiba Logistic warehouses, the best of the future is today.