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Superior mechanical services are in reach of KSA residents


Superior mechanical services are in reach of KSA residents

Superior mechanical services are in reach of KSA residents

Be it a household, commercial, industrial or educational institution, every building needs proper
installation of amenities for smooth working. Mechanical service providers assist you in all
matters of your building related to machines, motors, the flow of cool or hot fluids, HVAC
systems handling, and other such matters.
If you live in KSA and you are worried about getting superior mechanical services then you
don’t have to worry anymore. DTC (Dorar Tammam CO.) is here to take care of your
mechanical issues with trained, experienced, and qualified staff, up-to-date equipment, the latest
technology, modern processes, and most importantly the passion to serve clients by taking full

All you have to do is to brief the DTC team about the kind of service you need for
your building and leave the rest to trained DTC staff. We have already successfully dealt with
businesses in various sectors including energy, minerals, utilities, chemicals, port & offshore,
infrastructure, and heavy industry so we have adequate experience in all sectors. We will share
all workable plans before implementing them to get your approvals and our staff will be there for
you 24/7. The most impressive strategy regarding satisfying customers is that DTC assigns a
particular team for your project who is responsible from beginning to end. This helps to build
trust and also the staff knows your case well from start to end so they don’t make any abrupt
decisions without knowing the specifics of your project (as the needs of each client are different).
In the mechanical area, DTC offers a broad range of services to cover every possible aspect of
mechanics in buildings. We offer smooth machinery installment service. We know how essential
is it for a business to have machinery installed on time and that too n perfect working condition.
We have the right equipment to load, move and unload heavy machinery safely. We have skilled
engineers who will overview the whole installation process to ensure smooth and safe
installation. We also offer help with machinery removal from one site and installation to another
site. We have superior quality machinery and equipment for the safe moving of your machines
for relocation.
We also assist in shut down and maintenance. Our team understands that clients want a speedy
shutdown and maintenance because they want to get back on track ASAP. This is why our
qualified and experienced team works 24/7 for all kinds of dismantling, disconnecting, and
disposal of unwanted machinery and equipment. Our team works hard to safely do maintenance

of required machinery ascertaining precision because we know that even a small error can affect
your business production.
We also offer unparalleled plumbing services for the installation and repairing of all sorts of
water and gas pipelines. Our team also provides exceptional HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air
conditioning) services. We can fabricate and install ducts, and do all kinds of essential tests,
predictive maintenance, and repair service. Along with full fledge HVAC service, we also offer
to install unequaled quality fire alarms integrated seamlessly into your system, install fire
extinguishers and preventive measures (sprinkles, etc) to deal with all sorts of fire emergencies.