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Structural steel services

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Structural steel services

DTC steel specialise in constructing steel for agricultural, industrial, and commercial buildings. Our workforce consists of completely experienced personnel with capabilities of taking on all projects of any size. We deliver a big range of steel fabrication services from general building frames to the most complex building structures.

Once you believe DTC ( DOrar Tammam Co .) with your structural steel project, you can be confident that the result will be delivered on time and without much problem. We take our work seriously, and we have systematic workflow that helps us deal with any project successfully, even on tight schedules. Actually, our experienced project managers are forever present and looking after construction, ensuring that every person is strictly following our system and adhering to all policies in place. if even an inexperienced problem arises in the field, rest assured that it will quickly be dealt with using the most successful solution after careful analysis of the issue.

Our structural steel design services

Design & engineering

It takes an architect and a customer to provide a vision, it takes an engineering team, erector, and fabricator along with builders to translate the vision into the language of structure steel elements, like joists, trusses, grinders, beams, and columns, and finally into actual buildings. Our amazing services include structure design, structural design support and structural analysis for both commercial and residential building construction projects.

 2D drawings, drafting, and 3D modelling

At this stage, depending on what type of documentation input we have got from our client, our designers might begin with the initial drafting of your project, or proceed directly with 3D and 2D modelling.


The initial role of our DTC steel service is to deliver customized steel sheets to manufactures as they are required. Customers range from plants producing office equipment and home appliances to those manufacturing auto parts and construction materials. Our center provides these facilities with steel sheets in the desired volume and sheet according to the desired quality standard.

Our mission to keep providing the high standard services by our customers while also catering to their increased technological and production innovations. We must support the manufacturing industry evolution and entry into a new era by taking on the hard job of processing, pressing, and welding high tensile steel plates and promoting the application of non-ferrous metal including aluminum.

Steel erection

At DTC steel, we take structural steel fabrication very seriously, providing you with only the best of the top in the industry. We complete all types of projects, so we forever provide the best service when it comes to cutting, welding, planning, machining, forming, and erecting the project.Structural steel fabrication is the creation of metal structures by bending, cutting, and assembling parts and processes. And here at DTC steel, we are the best structure steel fabricators in Saudi Arabia. We only use the high standard raw materials for our projects, so you can rest easy knowing you are getting the top materials with the best services.We are also the best erection services; we have the best team behind us. From design to installation, our team can tackle any issues that come our way, and in all areas of the structural steel sector. This contains everything from building restoration and reinforcement to new development.

 Why DTC steel buildings and certificates?

 Industry leader in fabrication and design techniques

Our innovation system catches and get rid of design flaws before they reach fabrication. Every frame is bolted up before we sent it to you to ensure that your erection goes as perfectly as possible.

Attention to detail

Every quote we send out and every building we design is reviewed by a professional engineer and a knowledgeable district manager, not simply run through an estimating or design computer. This personal focus, in conjunction with the latest in design program, is what sets DTC apart from the rest of the field.

Personal approach towards customers

You are not just a job number, you are a DTC customer. The individual focus you get from our highly professional staff is remarkable in the industry.

Competitive pricing

No one in the industry can continually compete with DTC prices. We run a lean efficient firm. We are forever looking for ways to produce an excellent product at an affordable price.


With over 10 years of experience in the metal building industry, our special engineered system has stood the test of time. We have mastered the designing art and fabricating a pre-engineered building.

Hands on approach

This keeps us in touch with how perfect our product goes together. If there is a way to make things simple on an erection crew, possibilities are we have already done it.