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DTC Structural steel services


DTC Structural steel services

Structural steel services

Structural steel has changed the dynamics of the construction sector. It has brought a revolution in the construction domain where it has become a priority inclusion for almost all major construction companies. Following the suit of modern-day construction needs and fulfilling the promise of using technologically advanced services, DTC also offers unparalleled structural steel services to its clients.

DTC knows the importance of structural steel in construction and offers this service to offer its clients the following benefits:

  • Reduction in overall construction cost – A cost-effective way for customers
  • High-quality material – the tensile strength of steel structures makes them the ideal construction material for a strong and durable building
  • Safety – Steel structures are safer to install and ensure the safety of the building by offering needed strength to the structure.
  • Sustainability – Steel structures are imperishable and supportable.
  • Design Flexibility – structural steel offers design flexibility whereby steel erectors can join the structures to various shapes and sizes to design to erect the structure as per unique building needs.
  • Future adaptability – Structural steel is easy to replace and can be changed or replaced in case of need.
  • Serviceability – Steel structures are quite tough and resilient. Thus these are capable of offering great strength and service for the building structures.

Steel Erection

DTC offers exceptional steel erection services. By opting for the erection process we offer to construct buildings with steel structures, installation of metal decks and planks along with repair services for steel structures.

DTC has an experienced qualified and talented team based on engineers, steel erectors, and technical workers who work on such projects where erection is required. Our steel erectin staff is qualified and trained enough to precisely fit together the pipes, beams, and steel girders to assemble the metal framework for new buildings. They are also trained to repair or alter the steel structure in case of damage or any other situation that requires repair.

Our team is highly skilled and has the required expertise for steel erection projects. One of the most pressing issues during steel erection jobs is the concern for workers’ security and safety. DTC follows international standards for safety and health and this is why all our workers are given special training on security concerns. While erecting steel structures they wear protective gear along with taking all precautionary steps to ensure their safety.

Design and engineering

DTC believes that for an unmatched building design, engineers need to come up with unique building design ideas. Our design and engineering team devises the project specifications by focusing on the client’s requirements along with adding their own innovative touch. Almost every project needs a different layout and structure. Our steel erectors are skilled and capable enough to work as per the unique directions and structural requirements.

Experienced steel erectors

DTC has experienced and well-trained staff so our clients can trust our capabilities without any stress. We have a record that can be assured with the certifications we have achieved over the past few years. These certificates are proof of our working capabilities and abilities. DTC has received many certificates in all these years. Some of the prominent certificates include:

  • Certificate by Zamil Steel Holding Co. – We have procured and erected their in-house fabricated structural steel
  • Certificate by Othman A. Al-Usaimi & Partners Trading Co.- DTC erected steel structures for their building
  • Kirby building systems has authorised us to erect steel structures in their buildings

Our team takes their job quite seriously and works with passion to deliver their best. We have a systematic workflow that helps us to work on the project efficiently while ensuring that no compromise on quality is being made.

Our appointed project manager who supervises all steel erectors make sure that they follow the schedule and do not lag behind the planned schedule. He keeps an eye on the performance of all individual workers to make sure that we achieve all planned milestones on time. Such a strict, systematic, and professional attitude helps us to complete the project on time. Our team is also capable of facing, dealing with, and handling all issues and unexpected problems that arise on site. They are trained to deal with all sorts of situations while ensuring that the work on-site won’t stop and lag behind the schedule.