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Remarkable Infrastructure service is just around the corner


Remarkable Infrastructure service is just around the corner

Remarkable Infrastructure service is just around the corner

Infrastructure development in any site is as important as the construction itself. Without a well-settled physical structure, it is impossible to optimally run the building (whether it is residential, commercial, or any other building). Infrastructure is the soul of the constructed body. If you are worrying to find a trustworthy and experienced construction company that can handle your infrastructure requirement then your worrying days are gone. Because DTC is here at your service.

DTC is a reliable name in the construction industry. DTC ( Dorar Tammam CO . )  is your go-to place for a complete construction solution because we offer all related and assisted services so you don’t have to involve any third party at any stage.

DTC has the required experience and adequate resources to effectively manage your infrastructure development needs. We offer full-fledge service covering all essential aspects of infrastructure including utilities, concrete structures, construction management, earthwork, concrete paving construction services, and contracting services among others. Our wide range of services covers all infrastructure needs of clients so dealing with us is like a one-stop-shop. Many people assume that infrastructure refers to merely superficial things that are placed in a building but let us tell you that it includes much more detailed and complex work. Let us share some of our special services in detail with you to show you a glimpse of our services.

For irrigation and potable water utility area, we offer potable storage tanks made of steel, concrete, and GLS. We can also install water pump stations and do all related civil work, electromechanical work, piping, and pump installation. We can provide all kinds of pipelines with thrust blocks, pressure tests, chlorine cleaning, and required fitting along with all sorts of needed mechanical services.

We also offer all sorts of electromechanical and civil work for your sewerage utility needs including Sewerage Treatment plants, Sewerage lift stations, Sewerage Networks, and others. We ensure proper fitting along with required testing for Manholes and leakage.

Our electric and telecom utility service covers Low voltage cable lines, Medium voltage cable lines, lighting poles work, and Telecom Ducts with hand holes. As for dealing with storm water, we offer services such as Storm water Pump stations, Storm water ponds, Open channel drainage systems, Storm water piping, and others. All piping and concrete work is also covered in this.

No matter if your setup is small or large, simple or complex, every client is important to us and we assign an experienced and certified team and adequate resources to each project. Assigning a specified team saves our clients from the trouble of knowing who is in charge and who to ask about the progress. It also helps in inter-team communication and planning as the team who knows the project inside out from the beginning is more likely to understand every complexity than the team who just knows the superficial minimal details. We work intending to finish your project in promised time without compromising on quality. Our precision quality check team ensures that every service is flawless and perfect as per your demand or requirement. Our team especially adheres to all safety measures as per international standards.