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Pre-Engineered Industrial Buildings (PEB)

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Pre-Engineered Industrial Buildings (PEB)

Pre-engineered buildings are often used in prominent aviation sectors and energy production, in fact, in almost every other industry where conventional steel structure were previously prevalent. Half of these structures are replaced with PEBs. These PEB structures may be built with all the necessary equipment, including cranes, varied level levels, and higher heights. This is an excellent application since it allows higher clear spans horizontally and vertically. In addition, it is straightforward to create and build. As the complete areas are constructed in sections, the required thick plates will be cut and welded to the sectional design dimensions.

Moving forward, the key benefit is quality control since all structural members are designed in advance, requirements from various codes are considered, and these components are manufactured in factories under the supervision of quality control engineers. It is also less expensive because the design, manufacturing, and on-site erection eventually save cost. Thirdly, it reduces construction time by using software for structural component design. Lastly, PEB is considered low maintenance because steel members are painted with standard-quality paints, which strengthens their resistance to damage and, as a result, lowers the cost of maintenance compared to traditional steel buildings.

DTC takes pride in having the most modern tools and cutting-edge technologies to produce dependable building structures for any sector. We can create anything you can imagine in the exact manner that you desire. But, of course, tools and machines cannot do the task. For this reason, we’ve assembled the top group of architects, engineers, designers, and laborers. Each team member is highly qualified, has years of experience, and strives for innovation and perfection. Our team members prioritize completing tasks on time while adhering to the planned budget and objectives.

We take pride in displaying our cutting-edge projects, including Arabian Minerals & Chemicals Co. Ltd. Factory, I-Gas Alkhobar Factory, Alfa Wood Factory, United Stars Warehouses, Kamayat Chemicals Factory, Saudi Ready-Mix Factory, Ultra Industrial Services Factory, Al-Arji Plastic Factory, and Al-Yamama Steel Factory.

Who are we?

Since 2004, we have proudly served the Saudi Arabian construction industry. We have built an unrivaled reputation and goodwill in the market thanks to our highly skilled and talented team of engineers and staff, cutting-edge machinery, adoption of the newest procedures and technologies, the applicability of innovation, and the timeliness of project completion, and zero compromises on quality. DTC offers complete turnkey construction solutions to clients. It provides a wide range of services under one roof to better serve customers. In addition, DTC provides the best caliber industrial and PEB services. We have the tools to handle our client’s complex needs and the fierce competition in the industrial building market.

DTC’s Edge Over Other’s

To provide our clients with seamless, top-notch services, our team consists of the most excellent engineers, architects, project managers, and specialists. We are aware that new technological advancements and contemporary best practices are causing the construction business to change more and more with each passing day. This is why our staff at DTC undergoes ongoing training to adapt to new processes, cutting-edge technology, and cutting-edge practices in order to provide you with the most incredible combination of services. Being a reputable building firm, DTC guarantees to turn all your construction fantasies into reality by utilizing cutting-edge technology and materials of incredibly high quality.

Future service provision to our clientele is something we are looking forward to. We can tell you that we are the ideal choice for your industrial demands because of our recent experience, building talents, and knowledgeable team. Furthermore, we continually strive to approach each project and adapt to particular client needs. As a result, we are best equipped to welcome businesses and global corporations to Saudi Arabia.