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MEP Services

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MEP Services

MEP stands for Mechanical, Electric, and Plumbing services in the construction language. It is an art and science of effectively planning, executing, and managing MEP-related services.  DTC knows this art and science well enough to offer clients unparalleled MEP services.

DTC owns skilled and experienced team members who have the capabilities to handle MEP services effectively. We have well-trained technical staff who works great in installing the MEP-related equipment with precision and accuracy without any trouble. The key is to hire an expert in all individual areas. It’s difficult to find a worker who is a master of all trades, this is why we focus on building a team that has a specialized skilled worker for all individual services we offer. This helps us to offer exceptional service quality to our clients. The MEP services DTC offers include:

HVAC services: We offer superior heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning installation services. To aid in the mechanical functionality of any building our team offers great HVAC services. We have experts who can access the need for HVAC equipment for your building as per the location, nature of work, and usage of the building. Our clients also share their requirements and we welcome all their suggestions, our team recommends to them the most suited flooring type so that we can come up with a consensus and make a joint decision. We offer ecntraly heating and cooling facility. We can also build ducts for ventilation along with the installation of exhausts and huge fans. Our HVAC services are aimed at providing a great indoor environment with breathable and healthy air.

Electrical Services: Our team also offers great electrical services. Our electrical engineers are qualified and experienced. They estimate all the electric needs of buildings and suggest the clients accordingly. Along with well=qualified electrical engineers we also have well-trained technicians and electricians who install the actual equipment. All these employees are trained as per international standards regarding health and safety measures. Electric equipment can be quite sensitive and if installed improperly it can cause a hazard for the employee building and later to the client who uses faulty or improperly installed equipment. We precisely check that all installed electric equipment is in working condition.

Plumbing: Our plumbing staff is super talented and well-trained. They know how to fix all the equipment with precision and smooth finishing. Great finishing and precision are essential to ensure that the interior look f the building looks appealing. Also, our employees check the functionality of all installed equipment to hand over a functional and attractive building to clients.

Low Current: Following the latest trends, we are also offering low current electrical applications. Low current can be supplied to certain equipment and electric channels which our team members communicate with the client beforehand. Low current application not only saves electricity costs for clients but also is a green practice that offers greater goods to our KSA community by saving electricity. DTC always looks for ways to offer the latest facilities and services to clients and contribute to society. Offering a low current facility helps us to achieve both these goals.

Fire Safety: DTC offers the best services for installation of fire safety equipment. Our team assesses the building’s need for an adequate supply of fire safety equipment. DTC follows international standards of health and safety which is why we measure, assess, and install the safety equipment following the international trends. We make sure that the fire safety equipment is adequately placed at required locations to ensure proper access in time of need. Our team also checks the expiry date of all such critical equipment when installing like fire extinguishers and mentions the date properly along side. This is quite a critical step to facilitate the future maintenance and timely reinstallation of expired fire extinguishers. Along with the traditional fire safety equipment, we also offer the installation of the latest fire safety equipment like an automated alarm that starts ringing and alerts people all across the building by detecting smoke or fire. We also offer installation of a water sprinkle system which automatically showers water in case of detecting fire. We check the functionality of all such equipment to make sure that the equipment is in proper working condition.