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 MEP Services and Solutions


 MEP Services and Solutions

In construction globe, MEP stands for “mechanical, electrical and plumbing.”

MEP engineering is the art and science of planning, managing and designing the MEP systems of a building. An MEP design company specializes in those skills. Also called as mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering consulting companies, they are vital across all stages of the construction process. They help with decision making, construction, cost estimation, documentation, administration, building maintenance and building management.

MEP systems are a buildings key nervous system. MEP systems are liable for the “creature comfort” properties of a structure.

Without well-designed solutions from MEP Company like DTC, buildings are totally caves. Electrical, mechanical and plumbing engineers turn a building interior into the cozy areas we all know and enjoy.

What do our MEP engineers do?


The mechanical design areas of a building, most especially the cooling and heating systems, help make life inside more relax. These systems permit us to occupy buildings in warm and cold temperatures, under all weather situations.


The electrical system in a building keeps the lights on, keeps our gadgets run, and keeps the other system running. Architectural lighting designs and plans are an important component of the electrical engineering process.


Plumbing system provide clean water for drinking, cleansing and more. And they take sanitary wastewater and rain water away, safely. Plumbing engineers spend their time designing, calculating, and laying out a range of plumbing systems. They must also coordinate with other disciplines so that designs are completely functional.

MEP coordination

DTC provides spatially coordinated building drawings for MEP building services contractors and MEP consulting engineers for engineering and construction projects. We utilise the latest tools and technologies to provide Fire fighting coordination and 3D MEP services to our customers in the education, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and commercial sectors.

Our MEP coordination job involves coordination of all building services like pipework, HVAC, electrical, public health, and fire frightening with other disciples making up the building structure, external envelope and fabric for education, healthcare, entertainment, hospitality, and commercial projects.

Benefits of creating a visual 3D model for MEP coordination

  • Availability of clash detection tools
  • Allow sections, views, and MEP coordination drawings to be produced immediately and easily
  • Simple communication and speedy approval

The need for MEP engineering

For contractors, architects, and building owners, an MEP consulting company provides relaxation of mind. MEP engineers help makes sure that a construction or renovation project increases performance, reduce cost, and provides long-term value. An MEP company analyzes and evaluates individual building systems with the full context of the full project. This permits them to devise system that top integrate with a building architecture and desired performance.

From retro-commissioning to new construction, the advantages provided by MEP engineering are many. For example, from electrical standpoint and an architectural lighting alone, MEP engineers can:

  • Assure that the primary investment and long-term power energy costs align with the building owners expectations.
  • Assure that the lighting integrated with other facilitates and system effective use of the area
  • Assure that the owner maintains control over the lighting, permitting flexible use of area
  • Assure that electrical components can be simply maintained by the owner and their maintenance workers

On a big project, these advantages multiply. Architectural lighting is only a component of the building operation.  These same guarantees can be applied to each and every system that our engineers design.

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While there are lots of career paths for engineers, MEP engineering is special field. Every project is different, requiring engineers to apply their expertise and skills to design a special solution.

DTC engineers have provided MEP engineering services for more than 15 years. Our team of over fifty electrical, mechanical, and plumbing engineers has the talents and knowledge makes building functional and perfect. Contact us for more information on how we can include value to your next project.