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Main Stages in the Factory Construction Process


Main Stages in the Factory Construction Process

Main Stages in the Factory Construction Process

You undoubtedly want to know how to bring your building plans to life if you’re considering taking the plunge. The difficulty, scale, and expected results of construction projects are all different. Therefore, DTC is here to help!

Regardless, there is a standard procedure that is followed in the majority of building jobs. Informed decision-making, from concept to conclusion, begins with process knowledge.

Although time-consuming, a well-planned construction project may be an exhilarating adventure. Accurately understanding these processes allows you to transform your idea into a workable reality.

There are typically six distinct phases to a building project that DTC follows:

Project Concept

It’s possible that the conceptualization stage will look different depending on the project. Depending on how quickly the project has to be finished, it may take as little as a few days or as long as several months or even longer. The time it takes might vary greatly.

It goes without saying that at this stage of the project, construction employees often do not have much of a voice in the matter since the project owner still has control over the situation. However, DTC collaborates with the owner to make sure the process is smooth.


When the project is getting closer to completion, it is appropriate to have a conversation about its design of it. Since we are still in the planning stages, you should know that there are no assurances to be taken at this time.

In spite of this, the stage that often sees the beginning of the bidding process is designed.

A drawing is used for the schematic design by the DTC experts, and it will depict not just the area but also the various materials, colors, and even textures. During the design creation process, the drawing will be used to investigate the necessary equipment, along with the pricing for them and the materials that will be utilized.

Because the contract papers include the final designs and specifications, after they have been drafted, everything is very close to being finished.

Pre Construction Stage

The completion of the bidding process and the selection of the contractor who will carry out the work marks the beginning of the next stage of a building project. As soon as a contractor like DTC is selected, the team working on the project will be assembled.

Before work can begin on a building site, it is often the responsibility of the project team to get the site ready.

After all of the information has been gathered, the municipal officials should go through all of the plans and the results. Because of the need to listen to and respond to everyone’s concerns and points of view, this process is often quite lengthy.

Procurement Stage

The team working on the project must now place orders for and acquire the necessary manpower, materials, and equipment. This phase of the project may be more or less difficult and tough depending on the scale of the project, the resources that are readily accessible, and the start date that has been mutually agreed upon.

However, DTC ensures that it’s as easy as possible for you!

Construction stage

A pre-construction meeting is held before the actual construction work gets underway. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that everyone is on the same page before the construction work gets underway.

During the course of this discussion, DTC often covers the following subjects in depth:

  • How to get to the construction site
  • QA procedures for the project
  • Where exactly all of the stuff should be stored and how
  • Number of hours that will be put in by everyone

It is easy to see how improper planning at this stage might result in significant delays and cost overruns if it is allowed to continue.

Post-construction stage

The stage that comes after the building is called the post-construction stage. The project will soon come to an end now that all of the work that needed to be done on the construction site has been finished.

However, before the keys to the building can be given over, there are a few more processes that need to be completed beforehand. However, DTC will take care of all of that for you!

Take Away

In the end, each phase of a building project is comprised of a series of jobs, choices, and several tools. There are always certain essential tasks that must be completed in full, despite the fact that the level of difficulty greatly varies depending on the scale and nature of the project.

Two important pillars in the endeavor to streamline a construction project and ensure that all stages will be created and finished within the agreed-upon schedule and budget are impeccable communication between the various stakeholders and choices that are founded on reality.