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Infrastructure services


Infrastructure services

Infrastructure services

DTC offers unmatched quality infrastructure development services to clients. We believe that to transform communities, infrastructure plays a significant role. We are truly inspired by the clients who connect with us for such development projects that can help us to create together a modern and technologically upgraded infrastructure.  Such development projects not only help in the efficient operations of our client (we are primarily serving) but also contribute to the greater good of our KSA community. Through infrastructure services, DTC plays its part in the development and economic prosperity of KSA.

DTC is known for efficient infrastructure services. Our team of expert and experienced civil engineers, site designers, workers, and technical staff helps us to complete the infrastructure project with utmost efficiency and precision to match the client’s requirements. We own all the required machinery and equipment necessary for services related to infrastructure development. We always invest in the latest machinery and technologically advanced equipment to offer modern services to our clients. The latest equipment not only saves time but also give the better structural result.

DTC offers varied services in the domain of infrastructure development. In this regard, the prominent services of our team include:

Road Construction: We have completed and handed over projects of road construction whereby we have worked on highways, freeways, connecting roads, and city roads. Our talented and passionate team members who work on such development projects will all their might to complete the project as soon as possible along with ensuring project quality.

Landscaping and Hardscaping: Our team at DTC also offers matchless landscaping and hardscaping services. Through these services, our team aims to bring life to static buildings and projects. We believe that the aesthetic appeal of a building is as important as a strong foundation and structural design. Without an accompanying landscape and hardscape area, the building looks incomplete. Our designers use their artistic skills and aesthetic sense to design the best possible landscape and hardscape designs by keeping in mind the recommendations, available space, and budget allotted by the client. We have specially skilled labor for landscape installation consisting of natural elements like plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs. The skilled labor also shares maintenance tips with the building owners to take proper care of the installed landscape. For hardscape, we have skilled labor who know what they are doing. We aim to install a strong functional structure ascertaining the beautification and functional use of the installed hardscape. Normally the hardscape we have installed includes patios, walkways, retaining walls, dry creek beds, and outdoor setups for fireplaces and kitchens.

Power Networks: A strong power network is a necessity in a modern building to enjoy technological equipment (both in residential and commercial buildings). Our entire life relies on power networks which makes it necessary to install such equipment with great precision and accuracy. Our team uses equipment and wiring of top-notch quality to offer uninterrupted power supply to our clients.

Communication Network: Communication networks are equally important in this technologically upgraded era where human relies on communication for their personal and business needs. We have specialized telecommunication engineers who know the communication networks in and out. They work along with our skilled labor on the site to lay their own communication networks wiring and install relevant equipment. The goal is to use high-quality material to ensure that our clients enjoy uninterrupted communication services.

Water Networks: Water is the basic necessity of human life. Acknowledging the importance of such necessities, our DTC team works passionately with the zest to offer extraordinary services in installing water networks. We own the latest machinery to dig the Earth to the required level. Our team works as per modern processes and procedures to ensure that the quality of the project is top-notch. Our skilled and experienced labor is trained to lay down the necessary equipment and pipelines professionally ascertaining that there is no leakage or any other issue in the water supply.

Earthwork Construction: Earthwork projects are quite challenging and the DTC team is well prepared for all such challenges. These projects require heavy machinery, a precise plan, an extraordinary team, and experienced labor which DTC has. Our team has completed and handed over excavation, backfilling, and grading projects to many commercial and residential clients.