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Industrial and PEB

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Industrial and PEB

DTC. S.A: Industrial and PEB

 It is well known that, at the time of carrying out a project in the construction area or at an industrial level, the right people, with the best amount of knowledge and training possible, should and will always be the perfect candidates to execute the ideas that have been proposed and accepted since a small mistake can lead to mass disaster. It is the nature of the field and one we must accept, which is why a perfect ally that can provide you with the best strategies as well as confidence, knowledge and expertise to carry out any type of work or project is DTC, S.A.

For those that don’t know, DTC( Dorar Tammam CO.)  is a company founded in Saudi Arabia in 2004. A business with a promise of growth and to be a leader in contracting at the construction level and in fact one of the services they offer is “Industrial and PEB”. However, it is very likely that you do not know much about what is going on in this particular field, so we are going to elaborate on that.


To clear up any doubts, PEB is an updated system created for the design of buildings where the production of artificial profiles is established in sections, varying sizes depending on the capacity required by the construction elements, taking into account the fact that the concentration and tension can vary in the construction of a building.

For example, according to studies, the PEB was designed exclusively to eliminate a variety of disadvantages of the conventional systems that were previously used. If we do a comparison, in a conventional system a section large enough to compensate for the maximum tension of a building is used by producing different tensions in the frames that comprise that building. Situations like these unnecessarily add additional weight to the construction, thus increasing the load that falls on it and increasing costs and reducing its elastic mobility.

On the other hand, the PEB allows lightening the load of the building, providing elasticity that it did not have before, eliminating the dependence on ready-to-use profiles, in addition to reducing costs, being much more economical, safe and viable when using it.

Extending the part of the costs, since this is always one of the main issues to deal with when offering a service, since, although the most important thing is the quality of the service, many times for the client it has to go hand in hand of the cost of the project. Using the PEB, a turnkey contract agreement is reached whereby the person is responsible for the design and construction, but carrying out the work with an agreed price and within a set period of time.

With this type of arrangement, employers are greatly spared from any unexpected costs. In addition to the fact that the cost reduction would not be limited only to steel constructions, since using infrastructure such as excavations, concrete foundations, among others, these costs are also drastically reduced. It should be noted that, to the relief of many, in times of need, the same building materials can be removed and used on other projects.

Another advantage also applies in terms of time, since the installation period is fast and short, since, for the most part, the products are screwed. Therefore, a reduction in time is an essential factor in reducing costs for the employer.

And for many, with each passing day, support more the idea of conserving the environment and being more eco-friendly, the PEB prevents unnecessary energy consumption in infrastructure maintenance, since the materials used are designed to block currents of air distinctively of the weather as well as at the same time prevents the formation of humidity in the different areas of the building. Simply taking this factor into account, we can deduce that this construction will have a long life due to the different quality materials that were used in it.

In conclusion, with help like this, not only is the work team and the project itself carried out in an organized manner, but also, to the great relief of the clients, establishing times in each of the phases and creating in the group that importance that only the necessary material should be used, in the determined time and creating understanding and at the same time union in the work team, the construction will be the most valuable on a personal level of each client.

Imagine if just by explaining one of its services we can marvel at what the DTC team is capable of. So do not hesitate, they are the best in their field and you can contact them whenever you want and need. They will never let you down.

You can check out DTC’s website, where they will provide you with all the necessary information you may require, their location and additionally provide the necessary numbers so that you can have access to them. If you are interested you can get them here: