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How does construction work?


How does construction work?

What does construction work mean?

What a contractor has agreed to perform or supply for a promoter (client), including the work to be done, the goods, materials, and services to be given, as well as the responsibilities, duties, and risks the contractor has agreed to accept. Depending on the details of the contract, it could not be the entire project.

Every construction job follows the same process, whether it’s a little bathroom makeover or a huge skyscraper. It is necessary to plan and design any project. The project’s actual construction must be monitored in addition to managing resources, supplies, and inventories; loose ends might be tied up later. Let’s explore the major stages involved in the DTC’s construction process.

Initial Stage

The initial phase is one of the essential parts of managing a building project. It outlines all the steps one must take before a project is approved and planning of any type begins. Programming and feasibility, schematic design, and contract papers make up the traditional first three stages.

Phase II: Pre-Construction

The second phase of the construction project starts once the bidding is over and a contractor has been appointed for the construction. The project team is assembled prior to “breaking ground,” as the expression goes in the business. The following team members are often present:

  • Administrator of contracts
  • Project manager
  • Superintendent
  • field engineer
  • Manager of health and safety

Before the work starts, a project team at this stage sets up the construction site. The team must prepare the site for building, which may entail addressing environmental concerns like soil testing. When the site inspection is over, the municipal officials will analyze all the plans and results.

Phase III: Procurement Phase 

During the procurement phase, the project team orders, purchases, or rents all the materials, tools, and services needed to complete the project. This stage of the construction project may be challenging, depending on the project’s scale, the resources available, and the start date.

Miscommunication is one of the main issues at this stage. It’s conceivable that the customer’s requirements weren’t clearly communicated, the contractor ran into shipping problems or purchased the wrong product, and the construction manager got caught up in the middle. Without transparent, thorough information, any project—be it remodeling a living room or constructing a brand-new, multimillion-dollar golf club—is in danger.

Phase IV: Construction Phase

During this stage of the project’s implementation, all the planning will pay off. Before any building project is started at DTC, the project management, design, and engineering teams put a lot of effort into it. Throughout the construction phase, the contractor and subcontractors take center stage.

As the project enters construction, the contractor and construction manager will be in charge of overseeing communications. The project manager, engineers, and architect all conduct quality control inspections. They also review and approve technical submissions and respond to requests for information (RFIs). Making ensuring the contractor completes the project as anticipated is the foremost priority.

Phase V: Commissioning/Handing Over

The lengthy process of designing and finishing a construction project culminates in the project closing phase. The project will be finalized once all the work has been completed on the job site.

Close-out of a project entails more than merely checking off the items on the punch list. The project’s necessary resources are dispersed, rented equipment is returned, the job site is cleaned up, and subcontractors who have finished their tasks go on to new projects.

From the standpoint of DTC’s project management, this is an excellent opportunity to do a post-project review. This review might assist in identifying any tasks that weren’t finished, examining any difficulties, and compiling a list of insightful observations for the future.

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