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Forcetech steel fiber is the ultimate choice in the construction trading

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Forcetech steel fiber is the ultimate choice in the construction trading

Forcetech steel fiber is the ultimate choice in the construction trading

The construction industry has undergone many changes due to advancements in technology and processes. It is essential to adapt the latest processes, procedures, and materials for modern and elegant construction. DTC understands the need to opt for the latest technology and procedures. DTC always follows the latest trend to ensure that our customer has reached to latest and modern materials, technology and procedures. We try to manufacture materials as per the latest trends and if we don’t have in-house expertise then we prefer to procure that material from a market-leading supplier to ensure the best quality.

Instead of conventional steel bars or welded fabric, we opted for the use of a mixture of Fibmix steel fibers and concrete following the latest trends. Though it was introduced in 1874, and become commercially available in the 1970s, the trend to use it on industrial floors has driven in recent years. The fibmix steel fibers mixed with concrete become even stronger than these two components used in isolation, as two solid components are mixed.

DTC never compromises in quality which is why we opted for the use of Forcetech steel-fiber-reinforced concrete. Forcetech is a reliable name when it comes to steel fiber manufacturing. With their state-of-the-art technology, advanced methods, and progressive team, they offer the best quality steel fiber to the construction industry. The positive market reputation in the domestic and foreign markets makes Forcetech the perfect choice for steel fiber products. This is why we have secured their dealership in Saudia Arabia to offer superior quality steel fiber to our customers.

The steel-fiber-reinforced concrete is mostly used in industrial floors and pavements. Other than that it is great for use in external paved areas, taxiways, parking lots, workshops, factories access roads, playgrounds, airport runways, maintenance hangars, composite slabs for steel docking, and sprayed concrete.

You must be thinking about why we are inclined towards the usage of steel-fiber-reinforced concrete or what advantage does it provide in comparison to conventional steel bars? Well, the mixture of steel fibers and concrete offers a strong defense against cracks. It ensures that no visible cracks appear by hindering the growth of micro cracks. This makes this kind of flooring ideal for pile support and ground support. Because you can place your heavy machinery, a heavy product like tin boxes, and make a pile of heavy material like steel sheets without the stress of cracking or damaging the floor underneath.

Our dealership status with Forcetech allows us to offer FIBMIX HE/BGL (Hooked End Bright Glued) and FIBMIX HE/BL (Hooked End Bright Loose). We also have trained our staff to properly install the fibmix in your constructed facility.

We also offer adequate engineering and technical support along with the supply of products. So, you won’t have to worry about finding the installation and informative assistance. Our engineering and technical team is here to assist you at every stage. Our team will recommend you the appropriate fiber material that best suits your specified needs. We also offer support in concrete design optimization and on-site supervision for better performance.