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Flooring services

DTC possesses the expertise and experience to install floors in your buildings in top-notch quality. DTC offers unmatched quality of service when it comes to flooring. We are a trusted name not only in construction but also in contracting services as well. Our team at DTC believes that flooring is the interior aspect that gets the most notice so it should be most elegant and installed with care to give a neat and well-finished look. A well-floored room gives a neat and steady appeal and DTC strives to offer the best to its clients.

DTC offers floor installation for residential projects, commercial projects, industrial projects, and even warehouses. We use a variety of flooring techniques. We acknowledge the fact that various building designs and rooms require different flooring. Responding to varying client needs, DTC offers versatility in flooring. For example, in a residential area the glossy, matte, or other tiles in fashion can serve the purpose, whereas in a garage you will want to install a strong steel-fiber reinforced floor that can bear a load of heavy cars or trucks without cracking. To cater to the varying needs of clients, DTC offers varied kinds of flooring services to suit their unique needs.

Types of Flooring DTC offers: DTC offers various types of flooring applications as per the project requirement. Most flooring applications include:

  • Jointed Flooring– We offer installation of jointed floors (mostly in the form of concrete slabs on grade). The joints ensure that no unwanted cracks appear on the surface of the floor.
  • Joint-less Flooring: We offer jointless flooring whereby the floor is constructed in the form of large-sized panels without any sort of joints in between. (Mostly in 50-meter square size)
  • Laser screed flooring: DTC also offers the installation of laser screed floors. These floors are screed by a laser technology that ensures that the surface of the floor is precisely flat at the same height across the entire flooring area. By appearance, the laser screed floor seems like a leveled, large, contiguous floor.
  • Steel Fiber: Steel fiber is a known ingredient to strengthen the flooring structure. By adding steel fibers to the concrete mix you can enhance the strength of the floor by reducing the chances of appearance of cracks on the floor and enhancing the resistance of the floor against a heavy load. DTC is the official partner and distributor of ForceTech which is a renowned name in steel fiber production and distribution. Being their partner, DTC has the access to best quality steel fibers that we can add to the concrete mix and offer steel-fiber-reinforced-concrete flooring. To live up to our client’s expectations of innovation and the latest service approach, we also offer glued steel fiber application in flooring. This type of flooring is perfect for warehouses, garages, and pavements which have to bear the heavy load of storage assets, trucks, forklifts, and other such heavy instruments and equipment.

Expert team: The greatest strength of DTC is its’ experienced team who got the talent and expertise needed to install the right kind of flooring with unmatched quality and service requirements. Our technicians and fitting staff is well-trained and are aware of the working standards. DTC is known for its superior service quality for which all our team members must offer a combined effort to complete the project at hand with desired quality in the prescribed time. Our team members possess the required skills and motivation to serve the clients as per their unique needs.

Required Machinery: DTC believes in being technologically upgraded. We always strive to invest in machinery and equipment that can offer better and more advanced solutions to our customers. We are firm believers that the latest and modern machinery and equipment can offer improved results and we never shy away from procuring such machinery that can help us in offering superior quality service to our clients. We own the required machinery with all the required functions to offer exceptional flooring applications to our clients. We are in a partnership with BECOSAN which is the most trusted name in flooring techniques. Through this partnership, we are offering unmatched flooring services to our clients because of the access to the latest machinery and procedures.