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Fire safety systems and MEP are inseparable in modern construction


Fire safety systems and MEP are inseparable in modern construction

Fire safety systems and MEP are inseparable in modern construction

Modern construction has seen new facets of design and systems that not only facilitate customers but also offer added benefits including safety. Like other fields of the construction sector, MEP services have evolved to offer more comfort and ease to the customers. Though MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing services, in essence, it includes all such electrical and mechanical setups that are installed on construction sites to seek advantage of modern designs and the latest technology.

One such system that has become an inseparable part of MEP services due to its immense benefit is the fire safety system. The fire safety system is a safety system that is held mandatory by many governments and multi-national corporations to ascertain the safety of their employees and assets from any unfortunate fire incident. Installing such systems is quite sensitive and utmost care is required to ensure that the system is functionally efficient in case of any emergency.

DTC is the most reliable and famous construction company when it comes to installing such technical systems. Dorar Tammam Co. has been serving the construction sector of KSA since 2004 and since then it is winning customers’ appreciation and positive word-of-mouth reviews. DTC has earned this repute with hard work and precision quality check methods to ascertain superior quality in all areas of construction services.

When it comes to installing safety systems, DTC offers outclass services because it follows the latest market procedures and up-to-date technological equipment to get superior results. DTC team installs fire safety systems after a thorough inspection of the site to understand the requirements as per site design and structure and offer personalized services as per the unique needs of each site. It also keeps in mind construction industry regulations and laws in mind relevant to the installation of fire safety systems. DTC also complies with the laws and regulations and always find a win-win solution by designing the fire safety system in bounds with the regulations and ensuring customer satisfaction as well.

DTC team is known for its’ precise measures in the installation and testing of fire safety systems. Its team makes sure that these systems are highly responsive and preferably automated to give an instant safety response to an emergency fire situation. Along with the traditional and mandatory fire safety system equipment, DTC makes sure to install the latest automated tools to enhance the efficiency and response rate of the complete fire safety system. Adding water sprinkles and automated alarms is their top preference to live up to their commitment to providing a viable safety solution. Its team also tests the system after installation to ensure that the system works flawlessly and also to show a demo to the customer to make sure that the customer is contented with their service. DTC also offers maintenance services to customers in addition to installation services because DTC staff believes that maintenance is necessary to keep the system highly responsive. DTC offers full-fledge safety systems solutions in quest to maintain their repute.