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Exceptional Electromechanical services at your disposal


Exceptional Electromechanical services at your disposal

Exceptional Electromechanical services at your disposal

Isn’t it a treat to find superior electric and mechanical services under the same roof? You can take these services from separate service providers but although they can be installed and managed in isolation both systems work as a whole. Be it residential, commercial, industrial, or retail projects, you need to realize that electric and mechanical components work in harmony for smooth working. Mechanical services are essential to ascertain effective and durable electrical systems. It is preferred to get both services from the same company that knows the systems in and out and ensures seamless and smooth interaction of both without causing any trouble for you and your business.

In KSA, DTC is the most reliable company that offers both electric and mechanical services as a fully integrated managed package for the convenience of its clients. If you are a KSA resident then surely you must have heard about the great experience and reliable market repute of DTC. Let’s dig out why DTC is the perfect choice for your electromechanical services.

DTC believes that communication is the key to the success of every project. This is why it always ensures that the electric and mechanical teams work in close coordination with each other and the client to deliver services as per the client’s requirements within a specified time and budget limit. DTC has a specialized division that is dedicated to the smooth execution of electro-mechanical tasks through all phases from beginning to end. We opt latest technology and equipment which can help to create visual simulations of all electro-mechanical work from design to installation and testing. These visual simulations not only help the diverse teams to understand what they are up to but also help to guide the client about the step-wise plan and implementation techniques.

Talking about the services, DTC ( Dorar Tammam ) offers a wide array of services to cover all aspects of the electric and mechanical needs of a building. From (small, medium, and high depending upon the need) power distribution for installed or relocated machinery to the maintenance of electric components of machines, DTC offers an amalgam of services to cater diverse needs of customers. In isolation, DTC offers installation, removal, relocation, shut down & maintenance, plumbing, HVAC, and fire systems to cover the mechanical aspects of a building. As for electrical services, DTC is a certified member of the Register of Electrical Contractors of SEC (Saudi Electricity Company. It offers general electric systems related to power systems and low voltage systems including Electric power distribution, Transformers Substation, MV & LV Control System, IT Infrastructure & Solution, IP systems, CCTV, and other such services. In this regard, the most crucial service that it offers is automation and process controls which is the latest electric technology and is desired by all.

All these electro-mechanical services are provided by trained staff who know the safety protocols as per international standards very well. Because we know the risk and danger involved in handling electrical equipment and heavy machinery. We take all kind of preventive measures for our staff and your building (industrial, retail, commercial, or others).