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EPC Contract Vs. Design Build


EPC Contract Vs. Design Build

Clients want four things from an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firm: cost control, quick time to market, manufacturing efficiency, and one-of-a-kind design. Choosing one of the many project delivery methodologies available, whether your organization is searching for an EPC firm to build a new facility or upgrade and extend an existing one, may be daunting. A project delivery method is a collection of roles, responsibilities, interactions, and sequences that take place over the life of a project.

Various factors should be considered when determining the optimum project delivery method for your company and its goals, including a budget, cash flow, timeliness, project complexity, and project goals.

The two most common project delivery procedures are engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) and design-bid-build (DBB). While both treatments have merits, EPC is the preferred choice and DTC’s flagship product.

EPC Contracts

Using the DTC EPC method, we manage the design, the purchase of building supplies and machinery, and all construction services for complete delivery at a set cost. DTC has all the resources your project will require in-house to ensure efficiency and effective communication.

Essential planning and engineering determine the project’s scope, timing, and associated costs. The construction, design, and procurement teams start talking right away. Aligning team members at all project stages promotes a collaborative, value-based approach and performance.

Following establishing the project schedule and budget, the project advances to the design and construction stages, during which DTC assumes the design and construction scope and budget risks utilizing a systematic, disciplined process. This delivery technique reduces project risks, delivers predictable results, and optimizes capital budgeting. The advantage is that your company may rely on a single business (DTC) to accomplish your project from start to finish.

Design Bid Build

Another common technique is the design bid construct, in which the company serves as the overall project manager and hires outside contractors ranging from consultants to engineers.

The firm first employs an architect to develop the scope of work, which is a highly competitive process. To assist with budget planning, the architect will provide a cost estimate, which is generally based on historical or empirical data. The company and design team will choose a contractor based on several other factors when qualified general contractors like DTC are requested to submit construction bids. Following that, the general contractor hires subcontractors to undertake various activities, and the facility is built in line with the contract and construction objectives. Validation is conducted at the conclusion by a third-party expert designated by the owner.

This strategy is typically used when a project is not well-defined and appropriate time is available for each phase of the project. Relationships between the owner, architect, designers, and contractors can become more scrupulous under this strategy, as poor communication and scope variations cause order adjustments and significant schedule delays. Furthermore, due to the competitive nature of bidding and the contractors’ inability to significantly alter project design, the final project tends to stretch the budget and extend the timeline restrictions.

DTC EPC Services

We have proven that our services in these areas have been remarkable throughout the years. As a consequence, we not only have our clients’ trust, but we have also formed profitable alliances with them. No matter how simple or difficult the project, our team works tirelessly to provide excellent services as quickly as possible to fulfill each customer’s unique needs. Call + 966 13 86 777 37 for further details.