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DTC Steel Erection services

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DTC Steel Erection services

Delivering a thriving steel erection service is fully dependent on the team of technicians behind the job.
At DTC steel, we have a refined selection of experienced individuals who come combine as a solid team
to make sure your steel erection project is being handled in a safe and professional manner at all times.
From operating the equipment and technology needed for the movement and lifting of steel, to the
steel erection, our team are more than adept to any hard challenge.
Our highly professional installation team are involved all through the design and construction phase of
every product we produce in order to provide them the important detail about the assembly. They help
our design team by offering a practical approach and describing how the product needs to be installed
taking site specifics into the mind.
Why choose DTC ( Dorar Tammam ) steel?
Safety first
All our steel erectors are trained to the top standard and have the qualification needed to undertake
steel installation works in an extremely sensitive atmosphere. Safe execution and amazing attitude are
at the foremost of everything we do.
Modern equipment
We use latest steel erection equipment such as lorry mounted cranes, spider cranes, telehandlers and
other latest tools. All equipment is calibrated and has all important certificates.
Professional managers
Our dedicated project managers will ensure all works are done on time. In case of emergency, our lines
are open 24/7 and our guys can be on site at little notice.
Site welding
Our expert welding service department provides a big range of site welding solutions and local
customers. Our mobile sites can reach any place within hours.
Our commitment
As a completely integrated construction service firm, DTC continues to provide self-performing field
services to our customers. We trust that by providing experienced and talented steel erection finish
crews, demolition and carpentry; we can include value and advantages to your projects by:
 Providing a lifetime warranty on job performed by our field crews
 Setting a safety first standard, our safety program is continually improved and updated. Our
field staff OSHA 10-hour certified and we continue to invest yearly in the health and safety of
our team.
 Controlling the schedule via our own forces

 Have an attendance on the project at all times. Unlike others, DTC steel not only handles the
project management and supervision, but our crews are on site setting the trend for standard,
safety and speed.
Our commitment to providing high standard field services does not end with our own projects. DTC steel
also acts as a subcontractor for pre-engineered carpentry and steel erection projects.
Our field services include:
 Concentrate removals and cutting
 Selection demolition
 Concentrate walls & foundations
 Masonry removals and cutting
 Conventional/structural steel erection
 Finish and rough carpentry services
 Window and door installation
 Pre-engineered steel erection
 Wall erection and metal roof and re-skinning
 Maintenance services
Advantages of our great structural steel erection service
If you are looking for a structural steel erection service for your steel construction project in Saudi
Arabia, you are at the right place!

DTC steel has got many finished structural steel erection projects
under one belt. We can perform it for your project, too, call us today at + 966 13 86 777 37 for a free
consultation by our experts!
What is structural steel erector?
Structural steel erector is erecting steel structures, like metal buildings, metal frames, etc. structural
steel erectors perform the dismantling of the steel structures, too.
What is considered steel erection?
Steel erection favors to the construction of steel buildings, and other structures. Metal decking
installation and repair/alterations of existing steel buildings also belong to steel erection.
What does the skilled person do in steel erection?
The skilled person is in charge of the safety at the erection area and can interfere at any moment to take
corrective measures, ensuring that the health and lives of structural steel erectors are out of risk at all