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Dorar Tammam Co. has been striving to offer quality services to it’s’ customers since its inception in 2004. We established this company intending to serve the KSA market with turnkey construction and contracting solutions.

We have the required resources and capabilities to offer these services with unmatched quality. We have generously invested in advanced machinery and equipment to ensure the quality of our services. We have a trained team comprising project managers, engineers, technicians, designers, and supporting staff. All our employees have the required expertise and experience.

Our business philosophy motivates us to find ways to offer improved services to our clients. We always welcome innovative ideas, technological advancements, modern procedures, and the latest processes to offer services effectively and efficiently. We offer the following services to our clients:


We offer unparalleled construction service. Construction is the core of our services and all our other services revolve around the construction sector. We have completed and handed over constructed projects in record time to our clients while meeting their unique requirements. We treat each project as an opportunity to showcase our talent and prove our capabilities. We have constructed projects in various domains ranging from commercial to residential We have experience in constructing buildings of these types:

  • Industrial and PEB
  • Warehouse
  • Commercial and Admin buildings
  • Educational buildings
  • Health care and Hospitals


DTC believes that infrastructure development is essential for the growth of every sector in KSA. An efficient and reliable infrastructure benefits businesses as well as the KSA community as a whole. From government bodies to individual investors, we can offer infrastructure development services to all. To play our role in infrastructure development, we offer the following services:

  • Communication networks
  • Landscape and Hardscape
  • Power Networks
  • Road Construction
  • Water Networks
  • Earthwork construction


Following the latest construction trend and living up to our promise of a strong construction design, DTC offers structural steel services to its clients. Installation of Steel structures has revolutionized the construction design by giving new strength and robustness to grey structures. We offer the following services in this regard:

  • Designing and engineering
  • Steel Erection

DTC is a certified structural steel service provider in KSA. We have earned any certifications owing to our hard work and consistent services. We have secured a certificate from Kirby building systems ascertaining that we can erect their pre-fabricated steel structures. We also have received a certificate from Assent giving us a green signal to erect their fabricated steel structures. DTC is also certified by International business systems factory Co. ltd for Deck panel installation.


DTC offers superior flooring services. The most distinctive feature is our flooring technique. We follow the latest processes to make sure that the floor is laid down with great finishing. Our flooring is durable and elegant and we use top-notch quality flooring materials. Our labor is experienced and well-trained to lay down the flooring in an efficient way. Our team advises the most suitable flooring as per the building. We offer various types of flooring which largely depends upon the usage of the building. For residential buildings, we offer to install a variety of tiles, wooden floors, vinyl floors, and other such flooring options. Whereas, the flooring in commercial buildings is different as per the use. We offer the following type of flooring in addition to the installation of tiles and wooden floors:

  • Joined and Jointless floors
  • Laser Screed Technology
  • Steel Fibers

Steel fiber reinforced flooring is the best for commercial units, especially factories and warehouses. DTC is the official partner of Forcetech steel manufacturers in KSA and has access to the best supply and quality of steel fibers.


DTC offers exceptional MEP services to our clients. MEP stands for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services. MEP services are necessary to ensure the functionality of any building. DTC has an experienced team with the needed expertise and talent. The most distinguishing feature of our team is that we continuously train them as per the latest procedures. Equipped with up-to-date knowledge and expertise, our team offers all these services with unmatched quality and precision. We offer these MEP services to our clients:

  • Electric
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Fire Safety
  • Low Current