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Deep Foundation Services by DTC Saudi Arabia and Alpha Foundations


Deep Foundation Services by DTC Saudi Arabia and Alpha Foundations

DTC Saudi Arabia and Alpha Foundations have combined their expertise to offer a comprehensive range of deep foundation services that cater to the diverse needs of construction and engineering projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the Gulf regions. With a shared commitment to excellence and innovation, this collaboration brings forth a suite of solutions that address the challenges posed by various soil conditions and project requirements.


DTC Saudi Arabia and Alpha Foundations excel in providing a variety of piling solutions that form the backbone of sturdy and reliable foundations:

  • Bored Piles: Expertly drilled, bored piles offer exceptional load-bearing capacity, making them ideal for structures requiring deep foundation support.
  • Driven Piles: The collaboration employs driven piles for rapid installation, ensuring strong and reliable support in diverse soil conditions.
  • CFA Piles (Continuous Flight Auger): Offering efficiency and accuracy, CFA piles provide a reliable foundation solution for various structures.
  • Micro Piles: In constrained spaces or areas with limited access, micro piles provide robust foundation support without compromising the surroundings.


For projects requiring excavation support and ground retention, DTC Saudi Arabia and Alpha Foundations specialize in the following shoring solutions:

  • Secant Piles Wall: Constructed to manage challenging soil conditions, secant piles walls offer exceptional excavation support and ground retention.
  • Diaphragm Walls: Designed to withstand deep excavations, diaphragm walls ensure stability and safety for complex projects.
  • Anchors: The partnership offers anchor solutions that prevent lateral movement and ensure the stability of structures.
  • Contiguous Piles Wall: Providing cost-effective excavation support, contiguous pile walls are a versatile solution for various construction needs.
  • Soldier Piles: Installed at intervals along excavations, soldier piles effectively prevent soil collapse and provide support.
  • Sheet Piles: Designed for retaining walls and waterfront structures, sheet piles prevent soil erosion and water ingress.


Enhancing soil properties for increased load-bearing capacity and stability is a core focus of DTC Saudi Arabia and Alpha Foundations:

  • Vibro Compaction: This technique densifies loose or granular soils through vibration, improving their load-bearing capacity.
  • Dynamic Compaction: By dropping heavy weights onto the ground, dynamic compaction increases soil density, enhancing foundation strength.
  • Stone Column: Installed to reinforce weak soils, stone columns improve load-bearing capacity and reduce settlement.
  • Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC): RIC efficiently compacts loose soils, providing a stable foundation for structures.


DTC Saudi Arabia and Alpha Foundations offer specialized solutions for marine structures and facilities:

  • Pipe Piles: Installation of pipe piles ensures durability and stability for marine structures, accommodating the challenges of aquatic environments.
  • Quay Walls: Constructed to facilitate harbors and ports, quay walls provide vital docking and loading capabilities.
  • Jetties: Jetties extend into bodies of water to facilitate vessel docking and enhance maritime operations.
  • Marinas: The collaboration creates functional and safe marinas, offering secure spaces for boats and yachts.


For the installation of utilities and pipelines with minimal surface disruption, DTC Saudi Arabia and Alpha Foundations excel in horizontal directional drilling:

  • Water Lines: Horizontal directional drilling efficiently installs water pipelines while minimizing disruption to the surrounding environment.
  • Ducts: The partnership employs horizontal directional drilling for duct installation, ensuring a safe passage for utilities.
  • Oil & Gas Lines: With precision and expertise, the collaboration installs oil and gas pipelines using horizontal directional drilling.

In summary, the collaboration between DTC Saudi Arabia and Alpha Foundations presents a comprehensive suite of deep foundation services, tailored to meet the demands of complex construction projects. Their combined expertise, commitment to innovation, and focus on delivering excellence ensure the creation of sturdy and reliable foundations that form the bedrock of successful infrastructure developments.