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Construction Tools List & Uses In Building Work


Construction Tools List & Uses In Building Work

In the building sector, where corporate goals are primarily focused on time and profit, the use of modern construction equipment plays an extremely important role.

As a result of their development over the years, current pieces of construction machinery are exceptionally quick and dependable, and they include many high-quality control mechanisms in their design.

The efficient use of this machinery contributes to the project’s completion in a more timely manner while also improving its economy, quality, and safety.

It maintains a direct check on the quality measures that are being employed while at the same time optimizing the use of material, manpower, and financial resources, addressing the scarcity of competent and efficient labor, and minimizing the impact of this shortage.

List of Construction Tools

Construction tools are any equipment or devices that are used in the process of building or constructing anything. In this post, we will talk about different construction equipment together with photographs illustrating their many applications in the building trade.

The following is a list of construction tools:


It is made out of a strip of plastic, fiberglass, or metal that is flexible and has markings. These markings indicate linear measurement. This may be used to determine the length, size, or distance of anything.

Masonry Trowel

It is a hand tool that is used in the process of bricklaying, stonemasonry, or plastering for the purpose of positioning, leveling, sculpting, and smoothing mortar or concrete. They come in a wide variety of forms and dimensions, each tailored to the particular task at hand.

Head Pan

It is a circular container, similar to a bowl, that is used to convey various building supplies.

Plumb Bob

A plumb bob is a little weight that has a pointy end and is suspended from a string. When it comes to checking vertical alignment for civil works, this is one of the most critical construction instruments.


It is a tool with a long handle and a sharp metal blade that is used for digging, mixing the components of concrete, laying mortar or concrete in head pans, and other similar tasks.

Wooden Float

During the plastering and finishing processes, this instrument, which has a flat surface, is used to make the surface of the concrete smooth.


An instrument with a long handle that is mostly used for digging and consists of a blade that is shorter and less curved than that of a shovel.

Digging Bar

This is used in the process of excavating and breaking up the dirt.

Crow’s-footed bar

The removal of nails from shuttering boards is the primary function served by a metal instrument known as a crowbar.

Wheel Barrow

A wheelbarrow is a piece of construction equipment that consists of one wheel and two handles, and it is used to move materials such as concrete, earth, or any other kind of substance from one location to another.


To drive nails into shuttering boards, walls, and other surfaces, one uses an instrument known as a hammer, which consists of a weighted head that is attached to a long handle.


To remove extra concrete from a surface that has been set, this instrument is utilized.

Bump Cutter/ Screed

This device, which is constructed out of wood, is used mostly for the purpose of leveling new concrete and providing a smooth surface, particularly in the concrete slab.

Blower for Vacuums

Dust may be removed from the floor or concrete slab with this tool.

Needle Vibrator

During the process of pouring concrete into reinforcement, this construction equipment is of the utmost importance. It is used in the process of correctly compacting the concrete.

Earth Rammer

This device is used in the process of leveling the ground dirt.


Tampers are hand tools that are used for the purpose of compressing or compacting earth or dirt. When the soil is compacted, it becomes firm and level, making it an ideal foundation for projects that need a surface that is hard and level.

Right Angle Frame

It is put to use to ensure that masonry or plastering work is being done at the appropriate angle.


Granite and marble may both be polished using this equipment, which is propelled by an electrical motor. This contributes to the marbles having a surface that is exceedingly smooth as a result.

Concrete Mixer

This piece of construction equipment is used to manually manufacture concrete by combining cement, sand, aggregates, and water in a mixing container.

Sand Screening Machine

Sand intended for use in construction activities may be screened by this device. Sand is put over a vibrating sieve or mesh, which readily separates the fine grain sand from the coarser grains.


When working with solid materials like wood, steel, concrete, and the like, a drill machine is required to create a hole with a circular cross-section.

Hand Saw

It is a hand tool that is used to cut wood for various activities, including shutters.

Circular Saw

It is a machine that is propelled by electricity and has a circular blade that can cut things like steel rods, wood, and other similar materials. This device has largely eliminated the need for the usage of hand saws.

Jack Plane or Block Plane

This piece of equipment is used to make the surface of the wood on doors and windows smooth and plane.

Jack Hammer

In building projects, these instruments are used to destroy old concrete, shatter stones, remove pavement, and demolish a wide variety of other surfaces.

Tile Cutter

Tiling and marble work are two common applications for it. Tiles or marbles may be sliced to the desired size and contour with the assistance of this device.

Line Level

Brickwork, plastering, flooring, plumbing, electrical work, and tile work all benefit from the use of this nifty little device, which checks the horizontal surface level.

Torpedo Level

This device functions as both a line level and a framing square in one convenient package.

Water Level

In order to determine the level by observing the water’s surface, a tube in the form of a U is used.

Brick Bolster

It is comparable to a chisel that is used to cut through the brickwork. Bricks can be accurately sliced with their cutting edge because of their sharpness.

Binding Hook

One of the helpful construction tools is used to tie binding wires in reinforcement and is a part of the reinforcement.


A ladder may be used for either climbing up or climbing down.

Measuring Box

It is used in the process of determining the amount of cement, sand, or aggregates required for the production of concrete.

Putty Knife

Putty finishing requires the use of a putty knife, which is a hand instrument used to control the thickness of the putty.

Welding Machine

The objective of this machine is to do welding, which involves joining together many rods or pieces of steel.

De-Watering Pump

The usage of dewatering pumps allows for the removal of water from a variety of environments, including a pond, a building site, and a construction site.

Measuring Wheel

Lengths may be accurately measured with the help of this construction instrument.

Rebound Hammer

It is used in the process of determining the concrete’s compressive strength.


The quality control department makes use of it for various materials.

Line and the Pins

This comprises a thread with two solid metal rods with sharp points that are attached to the ends of the thread. During the process of bricklaying, it is used to level the alignment of the brick course.

Brush with a Straight Edge

It is applied to the plastered surface in order to produce a nice finishing, particularly in the crevices and around the margins of walls.

Wire Brush

Concrete surfaces and other types of materials may both be cleaned with it.


It is put to use in the process of scratching the initial layer of plaster.

Protective Equipment

Due to the importance of putting one’s own safety first while doing any kind of construction job, I have included safety equipment in this list of construction tools.


In any construction job, you are required to wear a safety helmet. The wearer of a safety helmet will have their heads protected from any potentially deadly mishap as well as impacts from things that fall from a height.

Hand Gloves

These are used in order to prevent coming into close touch with potentially hazardous substances, instruments, or machinery.

Tempered or Safety Glass

When drilling, hacking/roughening, or grinding, we put this on to protect our eyes from flying debris.

Safety Belt

When working at elevated levels, a safety belt is required.

Rubber Boots

These are designed to protect the user’s skin from coming into direct touch with harmful chemicals, as well as hazardous machinery and instruments.

Take Away

I’ve made an effort to discuss every tool that may be found at a building site in this article. Do you happen to be familiar with any additional tools that are utilized in construction? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.