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Commercial & Residential Buildings

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Commercial & Residential Buildings

Construction refers to the building or development of infrastructure. It is the process of adding structure to real estate. Building construction and infrastructure development are essential to a country’s progress. On the other hand, manufacturing and construction are different because manufacturing involves producing similar things in large quantities without a specific customer. In contrast, construction is done on-site for a particular customer.

Building or infrastructure planning, layout design, and the funding or costing necessary for construction are the first steps in the construction process. Residential projects on a small scale include building homes, apartments, and other structures. Construction on a large scale provides building homes, bridges, infrastructure, etc. Multidisciplinary collaboration is necessary for large-scale construction projects, sometimes known as megaprojects.

Building construction uses both public and private sector. Public construction includes tasks carried out as part of governmental initiatives, including building, bridges, railroads, highways, and other significant projects. In addition, this category includes private construction initiatives, including the development of residences, apartments, and complexes.

Construction Steps

Planning, designing, and financing are the first steps in the construction process; it continues until the project is completed and used. It is necessary to understand the beginning and end of the building project whenever a plan is being developed for a new structure. The following are the fundamental steps of a building project:

  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Preparation of construction site
  • Foundation construction
  • Structure Construction
  • Warranty Period

Residential Buildings

DTC is aware of the unique requirements for home construction. We take great pride in offering high-quality home projects to private clients in the residential sector. Every residential project, in our opinion, should be unique and constructed in accordance with each consumer’s specific interests and preferences. Each customer wants a unique design for the residential project that meets their demands and lifestyle expectations. Building commercial structures that resemble mall stores is possible. Customers are connected with our design and engineering team so that they may construct the layout while keeping the demands of the clients in mind because DTC cherishes the preferences and opinions of its customers.

Our staff works together on every detail to ensure that all customer requests are satisfied. We put our all towards completing the job on schedule, under budget, and without sacrificing quality. We have used the most cutting-edge and intelligent construction materials to design contemporary residential structures. In addition, we provide our clients with energy-efficient options so businesses may leverage advanced technical tools to cut costs and implement environmentally friendly practices. We also offer installation services for solar panels, insulation, and air-tightness tools in this regard.

Commercial & Admin Buildings

In fact, DTC – Dorar Tammam Contracting co. also primarily works on commercial building projects. We are becoming increasingly skilled at constructing commercial buildings and are well-versed in this industry. We are pleased to have finished numerous commercial projects while maintaining the satisfaction and happiness of our clients. We take extra care while developing administrative buildings because we know that people will utilize them to give commercial services to others. Our staff ensures that every visitor and employee is considered when designing the space.

Our consideration for residents living close to our site is our best tactic, giving us a competitive edge in the commercial and administrative building. We make every effort to create as minor inconvenience as possible for anyone living nearby or renting out a portion of the commercial unit. To ensure good health, safety, and environmental (HSE) measures for our personnel, the general public who live nearby, tourists, and any bystanders; our team conducts a thorough inspection of the region surrounding our site.