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Commercial and Admin Buildings


Commercial and Admin Buildings

When we talk about the professional fields of architecture or engineering, it will always be considered as a kind of art where both knowledge and creativity are required as well as the simple fact of having innovative ideas that allow you to stand out among the great competition that exists in the market these days.

Carrying out a project requires a lot of planning so that it is carried out in the most efficient manner and, in many cases, within this planning, documents are kept where issues such as what the building will look like, costs of the materials set to be used, labor and auxiliary means are reflected, as well as the plans of the architecture itself, among many other things.

Each work or each project has different phases, and the truth is that the best for this type of architectural development are DTC. They offer a wide variety of services in the area of engineering and architecture and one of these services is Commercial and Admin Buildings, but what is this about? We’ll let you know here.

Commercial and Admin Buildings.

The construction of a commercial project or administrative buildings consists of the creation of buildings that are used for commercial purposes or simply for use as offices for companies or people with a lot of resources.

The construction of commercial and/or admin buildings fulfills the objective of satisfying the current recurring demand for establishments, since the number destined for this is never enough. The world is constantly growing and with it the commercial area, seeking to integrate in a favorable way the optimal and safe service for investors.

A lot of times, even though the land is already pre-established, both the architects and the engineers to carry out the project take into account aspects such as the ground on which they will work. And the best way or direction to build it is by taking advantage of factors such as light or simply spatial dimensions are the most propitious so that it can be used in the best way.

That is why projects of this magnitude serve as a driving force for economic activity, attracting large investors while at the same time diversifying job creation, creating opportunities for long-term performance and for the project in question to last for extended periods of time.

Residential Buildings.

Another service offered by the DTC company is the construction of Residential Buildings.

This includes specialized activities that have been developed with the sole purpose of being residential. Usually, within these projects, criteria such as comfort, versatility in the facilities, building costs, among others, are taken into account, always searching for its durability, as well as greatly reducing the constant maintenance of the installing process.

One of the advantages of this is that population growth is of such magnitude that, on many occasions, both due to demand and cost issues, making residential buildings allows to take advantage of part of the space if the comparison is made with the land size that it takes to build a house, for example. The space is taken advantage of at the same time that the opportunity is given to both investors who want to carry out the project and the housing opportunity for the different lieutenants.

It should be noted that in most projects multiple phases are developed, such as the formulation, study and planning of ideal methodologies for the development of the work. As well as establishing possible problems, the objectives, analysis involved, organizational structure and the roles that each one entails necessary to address the project and the programming of the alternative solution chosen by the client.

But yes, this as long as the planning of the project and its physical projection fulfill the expectations and needs of the client, as well as, simultaneously, adjusting to a scheduled budget.

The most relevant aspect of this area is that DTC ( Dorar Tammam Company )  is responsible for contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of their clients and therefore of the workers, building decent housing by applying a modern and updated development model, as well as contributing to the development and growth of the locality where the works are established, generating direct and indirect employment, and therefore generating ideal resources for society, all this with the purpose of increasing the competitive capacity of the same company in the market and at the same time contributing to the competitiveness of the country as a whole, thus helping to meet the goals established by everybody involved.

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