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Benefits of Forcetech FibMix Steel Fiber


Benefits of Forcetech FibMix Steel Fiber

In addition to being the cheapest Steel Fiber, using Forcetech’s FIBMix Steel Fiber has several benefits:


  • Flexural Strength: Our steel fibers are found to have aggregate much greater effect on the flexural strength of SFRC with increases of more than 100% having been reported.
  • Tensile Strength: Fibers aligned in the direction of the tensile stress may bring about very large increases in direct tensile strength, as high as 133% for 5% of smooth, straight steel fibers.
  • The mechanical behavior of the structure is the same in all directions thanks to the homogeneous distribution of the fibers.
  • It allows you to lay concrete floors up to 2500 m2 without joints and is, therefore, easier to maintain and clean.
  • Fibers enhance the static compressive strength of concrete, with increases in strength ranging from essentially nil to perhaps 25%.
  • Under the same strength requirement, FibMix steel fiber for concrete can replace steel mesh and reduce the pouring thickness of concrete by 15-25%.
  • Steel fibers substantially increase the post-cracking ductility, or energy absorption of the material.

Cost and Timing

  • Saves you materials by creating thinner and lighter structures.
  • The floor slabs can be up to 50% thinner than conventional slabs, which means that the SFRC is significantly cheaper.
  • For the same mixing and construction, there is no need for you to add equipment or increase the construction cost of metal fibers for concrete due to the low steel fiber cost.
  • Improve the construction conditions, mixing vehicles and construction personnel can reach the site directly, and shorten the construction period by 30%. Steel fiber reinforced concrete has high tensile strength, which can prolong the distance between contraction joints and facilitate continuous and rapid pouring of concrete.
  • Greatly shortens the construction period and making it convenient.
  • There’s no need for intensified labor work, as steel fibers can be added to the concrete in the mixing phase and saving the total construction cost.
  • Faster installation in construction than conventional steel-rebar reinforcement.


  • Increases surface resistance to abrasion and erosion.
  • Provides greater resistance to compression, traction, torsion, and shear force, meaning a greater loading capacity.
  • Resistance to cavitation or erosion damage.
  • Greater resistance to impacts, explosions, dynamic and cyclic loads.
  • It’s possible to combine with wire mesh, to create an even more resistant structural system.

Quality and Durability

  • Increases durability, minimizing the appearance of cracks and fissures in concrete floors.
  • Increases the persistence and ductility of traditional concrete.
  • Structural Integrity: Steel fibers have been shown to increase the structural integrity of construction. Concrete structures constructed with SFRC hold together under loads, including the structures own weight, resisting breakage or bending.


  • Reduced absorption of water, chemicals, etc.
  • Reduces surface permeability, dusting and wear
  • Our environmental impact assessment shows that by using our FibMix steel fiber products. you will minimize your environmental impact using proven innovative technologies.


The uses of SFRC over the past thirty years have been so varied and so widespread, that it is difficult to categorize them. The most common applications are pavements, tunnel linings, pavements and slabs, shotcrete and now shotcrete also containing silica fume, airport pavements, bridge deck slab repairs, and so on. The list is endless, apparently limited only by the ingenuity of the engineers involved.