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Application of Concrete Flooring

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Application of Concrete Flooring

The subfloor for most commercial and industrial floor treatments is made of concrete slabs. They stand out in terms of pricing due to their high quality, durability, and versatility. Because concrete flooring can withstand pressure from heavy equipment like trucks or forklifts, it is frequently used in warehouses, factories, and industrial buildings. On the other hand, an existing structural concrete slab is often ground down and polished, colored, or texturized to create a residential concrete floor. Therefore, any current flooring, such as carpet or vinyl, may need to be taken out in order to disclose the concrete slab beneath. DTC has provided its flooring services all around KSA and takes pride of gathering the most professional and talented team under one roof. Serving KSA’s construction industry since 2004 has been an honor for us.
Commercial Use
There are many benefits of using concrete flooring for commercial purposes. The most famous reasons are mentioned below:
Industrial polished concrete flooring improves ambient lighting due to its high reflectivity. As a result, you won’t require as many artificial lights, eventually cutting electricity expenses. In addition, they can result in substantial time and money savings regarding maintenance costs. Car tires last longer for less money, and cleaning and polishing are unnecessary. To maintain cleanliness, good condition, and the greatest appearance, your polished concrete floor only needs a weekly rotating clean with clean, cold water, a scrubber drier, and diamond cleaning pads.
Your company’s polished concrete flooring won’t need any repairs right away. Behind its appealing veneer, this sort of flooring has all the tensile strength of regular concrete. Even high-traffic locations are resistant to stains, chips, and discoloration. As a result, less frequent waxing and resurfacing are required. Every 12 years, clean your concrete floor lightly using diamonds.
Safety Benefits
For business establishments, this sort of flooring is an excellent HSE-compliant option. It is non-slip, and the polished concrete leaves no dust behind. That means it’s far better for the respiratory systems of your employees as well, and a floor that is simple to maintain results in a safer, cleaner atmosphere. In addition, the additional ambient light improves the visibility that polished floors provide. This lowers the likelihood of accidents happening.
Additionally, it affects eye fatigue and other safety issues brought on by dimly light facilities. No dangerous chemicals are also emitted into the air during installation. Activities in different sections of your facility can continue as usual while the concrete floor polishing is being done.
Residential Use
The most well-known advantages of using concrete flooring for residential use are listed below.
Easy to maintain
If you want flooring that’s easy to maintain, DTC concrete flooring may be the solution. Concrete floors need to be washed with soap and water once a week. If you place a skirting board along the concrete flooring, clean mops won’t leave any residue at the edges. As a consequence, the flooring will appear polished and useful.
Various Design Options
If you decide on concrete flooring, you have a variety of possibilities. There are several finishes to choose from. Minor cracks, a range of tones, and particles in concrete floors give the material a stone-like look. In addition, concrete floors may be tinted to give them a unique look. This may be accomplished by experimenting with different color schemes and application techniques. Finally, for a more aesthetically attractive finish, you may produce a tiled appearance or a marble-like feeling.
A properly cleaned and maintained concrete floor should endure for a very long time. As it matures, it takes on a more youthful aspect that could pique interest in the background of the building where it is stored. You may celebrate it and put it on display for everyone to see rather than hiding it beneath rugs or carpets.