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7 Things To Know Before Starting a Construction Project

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7 Things To Know Before Starting a Construction Project

When a new commercial building is planned for the company, it is an exciting moment for everyone involved. Construction contractors always like it when they learn that a firm is expanding. However, before beginning work on a commercial building project, there are a few things you should be familiar with and prepare for in advance.

In order to save yourself time and potential difficulties during the planning phase of your building project, use this checklist.

Create a Realistic Budget

It’s possible that you and the owners of the firm are really thrilled to get started on this development, but you should make an effort to keep your budget in line with reality.

If your company has a finance department, the members of that department will collaborate with you to design a reasonable spending plan for the commercial building project. If you don’t have a finance staff, you need to spend as much time as you can to figure out a budget.

Although you don’t want to spend excessive amounts of money on a project, a commercial construction job may be fairly pricey. In order to get an accurate estimate of the prices, you need to calculate the total square footage of the building, the location from where the materials come, and the cost of the labor.

In addition to these expenditures, you will also be required to get building insurance, which will add a significant amount to the total cost of the construction.

Decide on a Specific Location

It should come as no surprise, but the location is the single most important factor in determining the kind of building project that may be undertaken.

You probably already have a spot in mind for where you would want the building project to take place, but selecting a location is something that should be done in conjunction with determining a budget and zoning requirements.

Even if you could have your heart set on a seven-story skyscraper with an underground parking garage, it’s possible that you don’t have the power to make that dream a reality.

When selecting a site for your business, be careful, and if you want to use a commercial property agent to assist you in the purchase of a property, make sure that you communicate your goals and objectives to that agent in a concise and precise manner.

The real estate agents will be aware of the kind of commercial structures that are permitted to be constructed on the site. Do not acquire the property until you have verified that you are able to lawfully construct the building that you want on it.

Obtain the Necessary Zoning Permits

You will need to secure zoning permits after you have decided on a place, developed a plan for what you want to construct there, and determined that you are within your rights to do so lawfully.

The local zoning laws specify the kinds of buildings and other structures that are permitted to be constructed on the site. The kinds of buildings that may be constructed on the piece of property you’ve bought are limited by zoning regulations.

Because of this, it is vital that you give careful consideration to the piece of land that you will buy in order to construct the structure.

You will get information on the buildings and land divisions as part of the zoning permit that you purchase. You are free to go on with the process of acquiring a building permit after you have successfully received the necessary number of zoning permits from the local zoning authority.

The structure of the building is determined by the construction permit that is applied for. In essence, the building’s physical characteristics, as well as concerns over its potential impact on the neighborhood.

Before you can even get started on the commercial construction project, you need to first secure the proper approvals, including zoning permits and building permits.

Pick a date range that goes from the beginning to the end of the project

It is necessary for you to have a general notion of when the job will be finished. When must the building project be brought to a successful conclusion? Do you have any plans to make use of the facility over the forthcoming summer?

Consider the function that will be performed by the finished project at the end. If you have an increased workforce and hence want extra office space, you should probably try to finish the job as quickly as possible.

If, on the other hand, the completion date is not of the utmost importance to you, this will provide you with the additional time that could be required to guarantee that the project is of the greatest possible quality.

The general contractors (GCs) that you choose for the construction assembly will ask for a timeframe to be provided. If you want the project to be finished in a shorter amount of time, then the GCs may require more men on deck.

The construction companies who are working on the project have a procedure that goes from the beginning to the end. Paint must first be allowed to dry, working days may be affected by inclement weather, suppliers may be slow to transport necessary materials, and so on.

The directing GC, who is also referred to as the project manager, will have a conversation with you about these aspects. They will have a better understanding of the situation if you let the project manager know when you want the beginning and end dates of the project to be.

They will present you with dates that are attainable for the project in accordance with the techniques that they use.

Send out bid requests to several commercial construction companies

After you have completed the primary planning for the logistics, you will need the assistance of a commercial construction business to begin the assembly. As was said before, the building business will want certain information about the project.

Without the appropriate papers for the piece of land and the structure, they are unable to begin the process. The construction of your project will attract “bids” from other firms.

During this round of the bidding procedure, the business will provide you with a proposal for the construction. You will want to get in touch with at least three different businesses to find out what sets them apart from one another and which of the businesses is most suited to carry out the work.

Their bids are based on the anticipated length of time needed to complete the project, the total square footage of the building, the types of materials and subcontractors to be used, and the architectural design of the construction.

In the event that you do not already have a plan or design in mind for the project, construction firms will often include a licensed architect on their team to help you create one.

Because of this, you will have a direct interaction between the building team and the architect, which is a really useful thing to have. The architect is aware of the capabilities of their workforce based on their experience and skills.

Ensure that the Construction Company You Select is Licensed and Insured

Never work with a building firm that lacks both a license and insurance coverage! A construction business that is licensed and insured may be held accountable for any faults, damages, or negligent work that may occur. This relieves the burden that is placed on the client.

Because they have the proper license, they are able to operate in your state on construction projects. In order to work on commercial structures, they will need to get a license in commercial construction.

Every single contractor that participates in the project will be required to have a valid license in order to carry out their duties. Insurance provides you with financial protection against out-of-pocket expenditures and safeguards your assets against loss. The building contractor needs to have insurance for the supplies, their services, and for workers’ compensation.

A construction business that does not care about its employees and does not provide worker’s compensation for them is not a caring company. This should serve as a solid indication of the building company’s ethics as well as the quality of the services they provide.

Make a request for three-dimensional renderings of the completed structure

Because of advancements in technology, building firms and architectural firms may now provide you with three-dimensional representations of the completed construction project before they ever begin work on it.

Companies that provide 3D renderings go to great lengths to make your idea a reality by paying attention to minute details. This is the most comprehensive plan for your project, and it really helps put into perspective the amount of labor that will be required to construct it.

You also have the option to request 3D renderings of a variety of different iterations of your construction. Is it possible that you have not yet made a final decision about the structure’s layout or color scheme?


Your commercial building project is an incredible feat, but finishing it successfully will need patience and the coordination of a large number of moving parts. You’ll be in a better position to dive headfirst into this project if you follow the steps outlined in this checklist for the preliminary planning of the construction.

A building project doesn’t have to be difficult, and you shouldn’t have to perform all of the work by yourself if you don’t want to. Employ a local commercial construction firm with a good reputation and plenty of expertise to ensure the project is completed successfully.