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AMC Factory built with perfection


AMC Factory built with perfection

DTC always strives to ensure customer satisfaction. We don’t just sign the project and forget rather we work with great concentration and impartiality to complete and deliver the project to our customers so as to ensure customer satisfaction. In the case of Arabian Minerals & Chemicals LTD, we signed the project with them on January 1, 2018. The project entailed the establishment of their factory in the 3rd Industrial area of Dammam. As per the scope of the project we had to build an administrative building, a storage facility, and a warehouse. As soon as we signed the project we started planning and then executing that planning. Our team has finally completed the project and we have delivered it officially to AMC management on June 2nd, 2020.

The project was a bit of a challenge for our team but we are glad that we managed it efficiently and effectively. The contract was quite valuable for DTC and had a value of 39,774,778 Saudi Riyal. We built the factory in the 3rd Industrial Area of Dammam spread over an area of 136000 square meters. After signing the contract officially we devised our team consisting of our best engineers, designers, technicians, and workers.

Our team visited the site to see if it needed any excavation work and what kind of work because we had to move our machinery there. We also contacted AlFarid engineering consultancy firm for the factory design. They are appointed by AMC management for design, approval of the design, and supervision of implementation services. We requested the 3D as well as blueprints of the design to study it and plan accordingly. We are glad that their team cooperated with us and provided us with the design of the admin block, storage area, and warehouse. Our team also made work layouts, engineering designs, and drawings for other services. We also made calculations regarding the electricity requirement, the load necessary for the building, the ventilation needs, plumbing requirements, and other such matters. We made these calculations for all three buildings that we had to build. These designs helped us a lot in practical implementation as they serve as a road map for our team to carry on the work.

We started the project with excavation, leveling, and backfilling as the surface of the site needed some care. After ensuring that the surface layer is construction-friendly, we moved on to actual construction. We contacted Kirby Building Systems for procurement of prefabricated steel structures as per the commitment of AMC. In summary, we offered the following services for this project:

  • Leveling and Excavation & Backfilling.
  • Steel Erection.
  • Concrete Structure.
  • infrastructure .
  • Electric .
  • Low current stsrems .
  • Site & Finishing Work.
  • Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm.

AlFarid’s staff coordinated with us to ascertain the project progress budgeting and site situation. Though they were quite satisfied with our team but to follow the DTC protocol we also involved our quality enhancement cell. Our quality control team visited the site from time to time to measure our performance and ensure the quality of service as we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to service quality.