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A Construction Contract has been signed between DTC and Masic Logistics


A Construction Contract has been signed between DTC and Masic Logistics

A contract between DTC and Masic Logistics has been signed for the construction of a factory complex in Riyad’s Third Industrial City by July 19, 2022.

Founded in 2014 by MASIC Group, Masic Logistics is a leading provider of manpower logistics services in Saudi Arabia.

In addition to developing and operating manpower accommodations, catering services, ready-made factories, warehouses, and other logistics services, Masic Logistics provides a high level of customer service and focuses on creating value for its customers through custom and tailored solutions tailored to meet its business needs.

In order to complete this project, DTC will provide the following services:

They will excavate the site properly and remove all impediments, including impure soil, to level the site’s base.

Steel Structures, Concrete Works, and Masonry.

Our services include Finishes, Thermal and Moisture Protection, Doors, Windows & Accessories.

DTC will design and install the HVAC equipment and structures according to the site’s HVAC requirements, in accordance with international standards.

Among the electrical services we provide:

Power Systems (Panels, Cables and Lighting).

Low Current Systems (CCTV & Fire Fighting).

Communication Systems.