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MEP Services Like Never Before


MEP Services Like Never Before

MEP engineering is an essential aspect of the optimum working of any building. It refers to the perfect planning, designing, implementation, and management of MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems. If you need MEP services in KSA then there is only one company that offers the most reliable and quality services in this regard which is DTC. As per your need, you can request any one service or a combination of all as an integrated plan.With experience, qualified workforce, adoption of the latest techniques & methods, modern technological measures and state-of-the-art equipment DTC is your go-to place for superior MEP systems and services.

DTC is proudly known for its flawless and timely delivery of promised service so you definitely won’t have any issues of timeliness or unprofessionalism.It offers a wide range of mechanical services ranging from machinery installation to machinery removal & relocation to shut down & maintenance of HVAC and fire systems. DTC owns the perfect equipment and machinery required to handle the machines or equipment at hand ranging from heavy machinery (like that of the steel industry) to delicate and dangerous equipment (like that of a chemical factory). DTC has a certified and qualified team of engineers and workers who are trained for all sorts of safety and material handling processes. DTC knows how critical it is to handle all your equipment and machinery for the smooth running of your business. It also understands the stakes of late installation or faulty installation. This is why the qualified team devise proper plans to precisely install, remove or relocate machinery as per clients’ demands. For the perfect flow of information, a special team is devised for each project that overviews that project from start to end so that the whole team has relevant information to make the right and necessary decisions. DTC’s staff is at your disposal 24/7 so you won’t have to worry about the status of your project as our friendly staff will guide and assist you at every stage of your project.

As a member of the Register of Electrical Contractors of SEC (Saudi Electricity Company), DTC offers reliable and certified electrical services to clients. Our electrical services are for all working sectors on a national and international scale. Our services include; power installation, internal & external lighting, designing and manufacturing of control panels, testing & inspection, and most importantly plc and automation. Our certified and professional staff follow international working guidelines for the precise and tested installation of electric equipment because of its critical importance and associated danger.

Plumbing is often treated as a low-level task but DTC believes that a professional is needed for every job at hand. This is why DTC involves professionals from making engineering plans to the final installation of plumbing to ascertain perfection and precision. We offer unequaled plumbing services for not only clear water but also potable, recycled, specially treated, waste, storm, irrigation, waste treated, and general drainage water. We also deal in the installation and maintenance of gas pipelines. DTC is there for installation, repairing, and regular maintenance of all plumbing services.