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DTC is a reliable name in the Earthwork construction domain in KSA. We take pride in serving Qidya, Jubail, Riyadh, Madinah, Neom, Koval, Makkah, Jeddah, Dammam  , and other major cities in Saudi Arabia. KSA has a geographical location that largely consists of the Arabian Desert and mountains that require extensive Earthwork construction.

Earthwork is a complicated and complex task that requires adequate resources and capabilities. DTC owns the required fleet of equipment including soil rollers, excavators, graders, trucks, loaders, and other machinery to do the task perfectly. We have the latest equipment, experienced staff, and required resources to complete the task efficiently and effectively.

Our Services

We offer full-fledged services in the earthwork domain. Our services include (but are not confined to) the following

  • Land leveling projects for residential, industrial, commercial, and renewable energy.
  • Backfill projects
  • Excavation on industrial and commercial sites
  • Grading work
  • Earth and stones removal
  • Building base or foundation prep
  • Subgrade preparation
  • Topsoil removal and digging to reach formation level
  • Extensive soil testing to evaluate its’ withstanding capabilities
  • Allocate earthwork crew as per drilling priorities
  • Constant monitoring of work in progress
  • Utilize GPS technology to improve groundwork
  • Leveling tasks and ground scraping
  • Cleaning and demolition of sites including removal of structures, concrete, structures, etc

Why DTC is the perfect choice

DTC provides superior earthwork services as compared to competitors by offering the following distinctive services:

Job safety analysis: Earthwork is quite a critical task that requires great care and safety analysis before initiating the task. At DTC, we work as a family and treat our team members from senior engineers to lower-level technicians with utmost care. This utmost care is the reason that our employees work dedicatedly in offering superior customer services. An extensive safety analysis is conducted by our professional team to ascertain the safety risk and concerns beforehand so that we can take preventive measures. To ensure the safety of our employees, the safety analysis report highlight all realistic aspects. We also provide protective gear and safety equipment to our employees so that they can do their tasks safely and securely. We have an experienced team who have the license to operate technical equipment and machinery. We follow the latest health and safety industry regulations religiously.

Timely project completion: We complete and hand over the project within the promised time limit. We have the latest technical equipment and machinery that helps in efficient earthwork due to which our employees are able to speed up their activities. Our team is also committed to offering quality service this is why we always share realistic deadlines with our customers rather than giving them false hopes just to win an order. Our commitment, dedication, and passion are what incline customer flow to DTC.

Great concern for your project: We understands that earthwork requires great precision and care because a little mistake can collapse the entire structure. Our team shows great concern for the project at hand and completes the task with great precision and analysis-based reports to handle the protection with care and professionalism.

Pocket-Friendly: We own the required machinery which helps us to offer Earthwork services cost-effectively as compared to our competitors.