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Steel fibers are concrete reinforcing material which in combination with concrete provides certain advantages in comparison with traditional reinforcement. Steel fibers are made from different wire materials, designed to provide concrete with temperature and shrinkage crack control, enhanced flexural reinforcement, improved shear strength and increase the crack resistance of concrete. Fibers are sometimes referred to as structural fibers and are intended to carry load and therefore, are used to replace traditional reinforcement in certain non-structural applications as well as minimize and/or eliminate both early and late age cracking.

Four reasons to have all future floors with steel fibers:

1- Optimal load bearing

Steel fibers reinforce your floor throughout the concrete slab. No matter where the load is placed or where the stresses occur, optimal load bearing is always guaranteed, avoiding deformation and damage.

2- High fatigue resistance

Fiber floors offer a higher fatigue resistance than traditional reinforcement methods. They reduce maintenance and repair costs in even the most demanding and heavy-duty environments, and make longer lifespans a reality.

3- Superior crack control

Steel fibers ensure optimal control of even the smallest cracks in your concrete floors—ensuring safe and efficient operations at all times. They also enable you to create liquid tight floors that comply with the most stringent safety and environmental requirements.

4- Excellent impact resistance

Fiber floors are better equipped to resist impact, keeping the surface of your industrial floors intact and ensuring smooth operations.

The ultimate range of steel fibers

1-The 3D series

2-The 4D series

3-The 5D series

The future of concrete reinforcement

Steel fiber reinforcement is a range of concrete reinforcement fibers that has been engineered to meet specific requirements of various concrete floor types. From standard indoor industrial floors and hard standings to heavy-duty pavements, the fibers offer an easy to handle, hassle-free, and safe alternative to mesh or rebar

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Industrial rafts

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Shallow foundations

Underwater concrete

Industrial Floors

Seamless floor

Jointless floor

Sawcut floor

Combi slab

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