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9 Oct 2017


Construction – Electromechanical



DTC is glad that we have completed the Alfa Wood Industries Factory Project. We officially signed the contract on October 22, 2017, with Al Yamamah Company to construct the warehouse and administrative building of their wood production factory. We built the factory in the third industrial city in Dammam built on a total area of 10,000 square meters. The cost of the project is 5,382,946 Saudi Riyals. We completed and delivered the project on October 22, 2019, in a time span of 2 years. We feel pride in the good reviews of our clients. They are really satisfied with our services and we are truly obliged to serve them.

As per the prior contractual commitments of Al Yamamah Company, the design drafting and design approval for buildings were done by Impact Office for Engineering Consultations. They also had a contract with Zamil Steel Holding Company for the procurement of prefabricated steel structures.

To work on this project we devised a team of experts from all fields to ensure that we met all requirements of the project. Our team devised an extensive layout of all activities and services that we had to offer for this project. This layout includes engineering designs, shop designs, and work schedules. These layouts help us to track our work performance and we believe that planned activities are always better to ascertain superior performance.

We offered the following services to complete this project:

  • Construction: We carried out the construction of both buildings in which we also installed iron and prefabricated steel structures.
  • Interior works: We also provided interior finishing services to ascertain that the interior of buildings is well set. The interior services we offered include finishing works for stairs (both internal and external), plastering and painting of walls, installation of false ceilings, door installation works, external façade finishing, and flooring installation. In flooring, we installed ceramic, marble, and also an epoxy layer to shine up the floor.
  • Electrical services: We provided the installation of electrical distribution panels along with the main supply, internal connections, switches, and exits. We also installed an interior lighting system, data, telecommunication system, access control system, door control system, and CCTV surveillance system.
  • Plumbing services: The plumbing services we offered include the installation of pumps, tanks, sewage, sanitary ware, electric water heaters, and cold and hot water supply channels.
  • HVAC services: The HVAC services we installed include the heating system, ventilation system including fans to withdraw air and air distributors, air conditioning system including split AC units, and internal duct network installation.
  • Safety and Firefighting Services: For safety, we installed a color TV surveillance system. For firefighting, we installed fire alarms, fireboxes, fire extinguishers, fire pumps, pipes, valves, and a water sprinkle system.

We did a thorough review of all these services to ascertain quality. It is our motto to offer superior quality to our clients and to live up to their expectations. We handed over the project to the client once our quality control team passed the quality of all services.

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