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Internal Concrete Flooring

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DTC - درر تمامInternal Concrete Flooring

Internal Concrete Flooring

DTC Concrete Flooring cover every aspect of your internal concrete flooring requirements from the design to the construction and the maintenance of the slab.

We pride ourselves on tendering, designing and building the best solution for the job rather than the affordable cost.

Our expertise in concrete installations allows us to offer the right design technology for each specific job and discussion at the early stages of a project is always the key to its success.

Our design and engineering team will give guidance on reinforcement and slab depth along with joint layout and tolerance requirements for our flood pour method.

Our internal concrete floors range from ground bearing floor slabs to suspended floors to concrete overlays on existing floors and concreting to metal decking. Using our laser screeds we are able to screed flat and vibrate smooth the concrete in one pass, thus minimizing time and maximizing the volume output per day.