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BECOSAN® is a treatment for a better performing industrial concrete floor. BECOSAN® environmentally friendly system combines high quality polishing with state-of-the-art chemical engineering to make your concrete floor Dust-proof – More resistant to abrasion- Easier to clean and maintain and Reduced liquid absorption .we provide polished concrete on industrial floors under a single patent. DTC is an official applicator for BECOSAN® for the following Services.
BECOSAN Treatment
BECOSAN® is a complete system for polishing concrete floors. It allows to treat large surfaces in a short period of time. The result? A resistant, dust proof and functional concrete floor for any type of use.

Concrete Floor Repairs
Due to the BECOSAN® treatment, which hardens and seals the floor once repaired to avoid future damage. We use best materials and machinery of the sector to offer the highest quality and we work to guarantee a floor that is better than new.
Concrete Cracks Repair
Different types of cracks and fissures exist with BECOSAN® we believe that the repair of cracks and holes is of great importance to minimize the risk of damage or personal injury during industrial activities.
Removal of anchors and screws in concrete
We work carefully on removing industrial screws and anchors from concrete floors. This is a preliminary step before carrying out our BECOSAN® treatment to harden and seal the floor and prevent future damage

Epoxy floor removal
We will remove an ageing epoxy surface by grinding it away without recourse to any toxic chemical solvents. This is a precursor to a treatment with our patented BECOSAN® system, where we harden and seal the concrete floor to minimize future damage.
Expansion joint repair and sealing
We seal and repair expansion joints in poorly maintained concrete floors and offer a better solution with BECOSAN® polished concrete.

Repair of concrete patches in poor condition
We provide solutions for patches and concrete floors in poor condition. We rebuild concrete floors, remove patches and leave totally new industrial floors through polished concrete.

Elimination of Industrial Marking
We eliminate all kinds of industrial signs from on industrial floors: patches, signs, lines that are in bad condition. Subsequently we grind and polish.We perform the removal of industrial marking and signage from concrete floors.

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