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About DTC flooring

About DTC Flooring:

Industrial flooring is a layer of tangible Smooth concrete designed to give Levelness and flatness. The thickness of the concrete slab depends on the type of loading and the quality of the native soil on which the construction is founded. It is designed to withstand the loads of racking system, Forklift and truck movement, bear heavy machinery and equipment loads in factories also it’s given the degree of leveling in garages and cars movement.

Concrete slab floors come in many forms and can be used to provide lifestyle advantages. Slabs can be on-ground, over Screed, or Mezzanine. DTC flooring department has the ability to implement the project with the best quality according to applying standards of the European code TR.34 WE provide to our client to choose the free-movement floor classification ( FM1 , FM2 or FM3 ) New floors should be constructed to the highest practical standard of levelness and flatness. FM2 is suggested in order to give the greatest flexibility for future use of the building.
DTC also capable to do direct movement floor Classification is most commonly associated with very narrow aisles (VNAs). In these aisles, the surface regularity of the floor is a critical factor in the performance of the MHE. This is because it possesses professional technical staff and engineers with a great deal of experience and efficiency. The technical office team responsible for designing and shop drawing which help to provide the best technical solutions and the highest degree of safety in design.

Also, DTC own its own program for the design of concrete slabs, which saves time and guarantees quality in design.
Our partnerships with the largest companies in the flooring sector services add us more quality
DTC joint venture with Beton Concterte Finishing & Compaction Company, one of the best flooring equipment companies in Europe which provides us with the best and most modern equipment in the flooring sector.
DTC joint venture with BECOSAN adding great value in projects that require a tolerance less than 3 MM per 1 M2 which is called DM1 in the European code, which is the process of grinding the slab and converting it to DM1 with the newest and best equipment and raw materials and under the European supervision of the company BECOSAN